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Virtually everyone who worked. This campaign has been convicted of a crime or is under indictment. Myself included. The president has previously called Cohen a liar. Andy Field, ABC News You're listening to ABC News away NewsRadio time is 12 02. Governor Jared Polish was a guest that Congressman Jonah Goose's virtual town hall Monday night, he says Colorado has been doing well and its Corona virus response. We're doing better than most nationally. No infection rate. Uh, well, it's the others. That's been a blessing, but Polish issued a warning about the upcoming Labor Day holiday. I just want to encourage everybody to be cautious, particularly with a with a weekend coming up. We do not want a setback for our state, especially with kids. Going back to school with this is is re opening. A setback from Labor Day. We really be devastating for us, he said. To celebrate with your loved ones and immediate family, and if you do have a larger group, wear masks and wash your hands. Pine Gulch Fire north of Grand Junction has grown to 133,000 acres, but his 44% contained Rio Blanco County Sheriff Anthony Mazzola. Thank you for the communities for understanding and dealing with all this smoke. I know it gets tough. Andi. We have to wear a mask. On top of that, so hang in there. People will get through this. The Pine Gulch Fire is the second largest in Colorado history. The Grizzly Creek fire in Glenwood Canyon. Now 33% contained and has burned more than 30,000 acres. The Cameron Peak fire in Larimer County is now 20,000 acres in size and 0% contained Some Broncos air feeling great on the practice field, Others not so much. Broncos cornerback Bryce Callahan missed all of 2019 with a foot injury, but said Monday he feels great. Yeah, right now. I'm 100% put the foot behind. Not not really stealing it all out there so Moving forward from the foot. Some of his teammates not faring as well. Head coach Rick fans you announced the rookie linebacker Justin Starr not had wrist surgery, and I'll miss the entire season because a number of players like Mike Purcell, Tim Patrick and Vontae Busby or battling soft tissue injuries, fans you decide to take his team out of pads for Monday's workout and you seal training center. Raining. Crystal can win his radio Our next update at 12 30. I'm Chad Bauer on Koray News Radio, 8:50, A.m. and 90 for one FM Thrill Lombardi.

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