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Oh yeah of course here. I mean i know the podcast is called. That sounds fun but we do talk about a lot of things so i hope. I hope that i'm not just going to force you to talk about fun. Things this whole time. Perfect though we will we will okay. You aren't playing around with this book until unity and so we just we're just going to jump in because if there's one thing that that is feels painful right now in the church. It's the disunity. So when did you write this. How did the pandemic play in. What do you feel like. What do you feel like we can do. Let's just go. yeah no i mean. There's so much this has been on my mind for several years now and it just keeps getting deeper and deeper and deeper the more. I studied the scriptures the more going. What in the world are we doing. the way we are Acting out as a church makes absolutely no sense biblically. And the more. I studied the scriptures the more convinced of this and a lot of it I just realized. I've been a christian for about forty years now and i right. When i became a believer. I jumped into this bible quizzing memorizing competition. Because i was so competitive. I just any competition in okay and i'm going to win and i did okay but the first passage i memorize was john chapter fourteen through john chapter seventeen. Oh my gosh. Memorizing the whole prayer. Oh yeah forty years ago. Okay and we memorize john for one three and ten that year too but i was. It was hitting me. I'm going to con-. I memorize this literature forty years ago and i didn't get it. I haven't understood it. I don't know it. And i'm reading these passages where jesus saying i and the father of one you know and they have this relationship. And he's he's inviting us into this oneness with god. The father son holy spirit and how they interact with each other and now we can have that with one another and with him and sure. I memorized it. But i didn't know it and i haven't known it and i'm still in this process of learning it and i'm going. What have we been doing all these years. you know. it's a lot of is this horizontal relationship with each other and we don't quite understand like this incredible mystery were invited into and it's because of that that we're not we're not unified because we don't we don't get how rich how deep how overwhelming this is. And so. I don't know. I just had to write about all of these things. They got his teaching and continuing to teach me. Can we talk a minute about scripture memorization. How important is that for you. In your faith life has been huge. I will be honest. I my mind is getting messed up. I just think there's so much stimulation so much input so much entertainment or education and it's it's. It's almost making it harder and harder to meditate on a few things and memorize right. Because you don't wanna miss out on all the news you can have and and what's going with all these people but when you do that you lose the ability to truly focus on a few things you don't like i used to be able to in the early days. I heard you say if gathering you said that you had felt foggy in your mind because of all the news you were taking in and how you had to take a break from that. A man like an feel better if francis chan. It's trouble with how much the internet is offering. So how can you talk a little bit about your rhythms and boundaries. You've drawn as we're all trying so for me. I plug my phone in across the room. When i go to bed now. So that's one of my rhythms. What are some of the rhythms. You have to try to simplify. Oh gosh it's there's so many things again. please don't take this like oh he's got this nail. I mean here's what. I try to do You know because my you know oversee those those that bingo game where there's all those balls rattling around like that is my mind. God is one of those balls and and it drives me nuts that i have so many things bouncing around in here and some trying to just take these things out and say you know what first thing in the morning. I'm not going to check my messages. I don't care The most important thing is that. I really come before my creator and raise him that i have another day of life. I mean he determines whether i had another day of life and so why would i run to anyone else. Nothing is as urgent as this. I've gotta get on my knees and join with heaven as they're screaming. Holy holy holy. I have to think about that thrown because we pray you know as it is in heaven. That's why we wanted here in heaven. They've been worshiping. God all night and so i just want to not start worshipping but join into their worship and go. I'm right here with them. Lord holy holy holy and word. The is a lamb who was slain. Here i am just another being on the outskirts of that throne going. Yes god it is about you. Otherwise i will jump onto my phone and listen to all these messages. That are me and suddenly. I think i'm central because all these people need to get my attention. And i need to quickly respond to them. No i don't wanna start my day that way. I wanna start my day going. You know what. I'm just another little spec around this thrown and it is about you and i want this day to be out you and hallowed. Be your name not mine. Yeah a lot of people talk about starting their morning and scripture and and some will push back and say. But i'm better at night like i'd rather read before i go to bed. I'm a. I'm a morning gal with you. You're not a. But i'm with you. Because i feel like it sets up my day. How are your rhythms different. In the evening you know it's a little bit having Seven children grandchildren. You know wife just life. It just feels so busy It feels like the day gets biz busier. As it progresses after school's over then the kids are there and then ministry and all the people you know are our front doors wide open so people are just coming in and out and so it's kind of like A little bit of reflection at the end of the day. But honestly i'm just spent and i'm exhausted and so is not typically a quiet time for me at the end of the day. That's what i've found is that the morning is the only time people don't expect me to respond any other time. The rest of the day they. The world is expected meter respond. And so in the morning. No one's texting made. That is more interesting to me than what. I'm reading in the bible exactly. Yeah the morning times. You're right and the people who are early in the morning. Usually it is because they're getting together with the lord it's not because they're anticipating my response.

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