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If there is one thing that Chuck Pagano. The new bears defensive coordinator was promising to the media at Halas hall today. It was that he will try not to mess up a good thing for us to just everything else Star News. I would not be very smart. On my part. It's just a matter of. Thanks and putting they call it here. Mind, we call it something different. And I'll I'll make that make that work Pagano. Replacing Vic Fangio is defensive coordinator. Fangio, of course, off to become the head coach of the Denver Broncos again Pagano meeting the media today and promises the bears will stick with the three four defense that made them number one of the NFL this season the cubs with they free agent pitcher signing. Brad Brock one year deal. Just over four point three million dollars played with the Orioles in Braves last season twenty-seven appearances to finish the season with Atlanta in an era of one point five two. We had twelve saves in sixty nine games overall for both the Orioles and the Braves who was also an all star with Baltimore back in two thousand sixteen Brockton. The cubs also with options for twenty twenty onto college basketball tonight. UIC leads Detroit fifty nine fifty one in the second half. Seattle sixty one thirty three over Chicago state in the second half in the big ten tonight number six Michigan state over number nine hundred eighty two to six. Sixty seven is Cassius. Winston twenty three points for the Spartans also number twenty three Louisville leads number twenty one North Carolina State sixty one to fifty nine in the second half a bulls. Practice today, the clippers at the United Center tomorrow tonight. Golden State leads Washington ninety six eighty three in the third quarter, Oklahoma City ninety six seventy six over New Orleans..

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