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Fallout after the devastating video of Tyree Nichols is released, the Memphis police department is deactivating its scorpion unit in the wake of the Nichols beating. Memphis PD posted a statement on Twitter saying that in the process of listening to the Nichols family and community leaders, it was quote in the best interest of all to permanently deactivate the unit. The 5 officers fired and charged in connection with the death of Nichols were part of that unit. House speaker Kevin McCarthy is shooting down claims that Republicans will cut entitlements in their negotiations over raising the debt ceiling, and an interview Friday, McCarthy said Republicans won't touch Medicare or social security. Earlier this week, McCarthy said he wanted to trim government spending unrelated to entitlement programs. House Republicans are demanding spending cuts as a price for lifting the debt ceiling. Buffalo Bill safety demar Hamlin is speaking on camera for the first time since he suffered cardiac arrest on the field this month. Hamlin posted the video on Saturday and said he feels like the health scare ended up being a blessing to inspire others. Well, I'm so thankful to everybody. I know that it isn't enough just to be thankful. This is just the beginning of the impact that I wanted to have on the world and with God's guidance. I will continue to do wonderful and great things. He also said the incident became a great example of humanity with every team across the NFL coming together to support his recovery, Hamlin had a lot of thanks to give to the medical staff who helped him on the field, the doctors and nurses at his hospital, his teammates, and the entire NFL. And a preliminary 3.8 magnitude earthquake struck near the Northern California coast Saturday, that's according to the United States geological survey the quake hit at three 56 p.m. and was centered 20 miles south southwest of the city of Eureka. I'm Jim Forbes. Utah is banning gender affirming care for minors. On Saturday, Republican governor Spencer Cox signed a bill that disallows access to hormonal treatments and surgical procedures for anyone under 18. In a statement announcing his signature, Cox said the bill wasn't perfect, but he'd given it quote careful consideration and deliberation. He went on to say his administration will continue to work to quote better understand the science and consequences behind these procedures. In the past few years, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, and Tennessee have also approved measures to restrict gender affirming care. When it comes to noise complaints in the Big Apple, The Bronx is king. David folk Thomas has more. New Yorkers called in more than 739,000 noise complaints to the city's three one one hotline in 2022 and despite The Bronx having the fourth smallest population among the city's 5 boroughs. It overwhelmingly had the most noise complaints 242,000 of them. Manhattan coming in second with nearly 185,000 complaints. Loud music, helicopters idling trucks and barking dogs were among the noisy activities New Yorkers complained about. Former WNBA MVP Candace Parker is signing with the defending champion, Las Vegas aces, Parker said on her Instagram that Las Vegas was the right organization for her family after spending her last two seasons in Chicago, she joins an ASUS team coming off its first WNBA title, and nearly half the states across the country are rooting for the Bengals to make it to the Super Bowl. Twitter fan support hashtag data compiled by bet online shows that people in 23 states once Cincinnati to advance to this year's NFL final, the AFC is seeing the most support nationwide. I'm Jim Forbes. And now this Bloomberg has sports update on the hardwood, Nick's visited Barclays center. They were around for most of the game nets. They have their experience in their talent payoff in the end the one 22 to one 15. Kyrie Irving, the big story, 20 of his 32, came down the stretch in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, they did a good job did the nets of bottling up somewhat. The Knicks star Julius Randle Brooklyn's Nick claxton on containing Randall. You know, he likes to play Billy ball and get to his spot. He didn't really shoot the BioWare from three today. So he was getting to his spots and get to his left hand. And I pretty much was kind of guarding my man and also guard him at the same time, which

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