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Finding inspiration for their music every day. There's something different that will inspire you. I mean, just the fact that just picking up a guitar and accidentally playing the right three chords can spark an inspiration in you to create something I mean, I was living in New York. Just taking a walk would inspire you just the energy of the city. The other thing that inspired me a lot was working with some guys who have a very, very, very, very hard core work ethic. They pursue a piece of music. Like they're hunting or something. You have to stick it out and keep working at things. Once the inspiration hits, it goes away. And the rest is very much like sweat. Keep listening to I heart radio for more goo Goo dolls and all your favorite artists. What happened this week in rock and roll history? Let's find out The Rock Almanac on I Heart Radio. What's happening, rockers and rollers that Sandy West, let's get it started. We kick it off this week in 1967 Keith Moon of the Who Rigs his bass drum to explode at the end of my generation during the group's appearance on the Smothers Brothers. Comedy hour. But he doesn't realize that the stage crew is already set the charge. The resulting explosion cuts moons, legs singer Pete Townsend's hair and startles fellow guests Bette Davis and Mickey Rooney. Also this week in 1967, appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show, the Doors are asked to change the line girl. We couldn't get much higher in their hit light my fire to girl we couldn't get much better. Lead singer Jim Morrison agrees, then sings the original line anyway. Angering the host and earning him a lifetime ban from the Ed Sullivan Show. I don't think Jim cared this week in 1978. The video for Queens single Bicycle Race was filmed at Wembley Stadium in the UK. It featured 65 naked female professional models racing around the stadiums track on bicycles rental company apparently requested payment for all new seats after they found out how their bikes had been used. And this week in 2019, we lost singer songwriter and producer Rick Ocasek, best known as the co lead singer of the cars. They had been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the year before the car is biggest hit on the Billboard Hot 119. 84 is Dr Who's gonna drive you home. Thank you. And that's what went down is Len Burman and Michael Riedel in the morning? 7 10. W O R Alright work, the latest on the get the latest on the entertainment news from Johnny Oleksyn Ski of The New York Post. My good friend. He's the entertainment columnist there and Johnny. You know, I'm working with Philistines here..

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