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University of maryland school of public health has found the best reason yet to get a flu shot studying a group of students with active influenza during the twenty 1213 flu season researchers found while coughing did expel some flew particles they also discovered that almost half of the aerosol particles collected in the absence of coughing also contain flew matter in other words it's possible to spread the flu by just breathing no coughing or sneezing required but study author professor donald milton note since the study did not track transmission it's impossible to say for sure whether exhaled droplets would give someone the flu i'm barbara kusak residents norman rockwell's hometown of stockbridge massachusetts have a debate on their hand whether to change the bucolic look of downtown to improve traffic safety discussions include installing a traffic sir cup i'm anne cates seven sixty wjr news gene fogel good afternoon there's been a break within the ranks of the michigan state board of trustees involving the larry nassar case trust mitch lyon said he does not agree with the board's recent vote in support of school president liu analyst simon amid calls for resignation he said it feels the public has lost confidence in our ability to lead the university and that she should resign one board trustee you has supported simon the chairman brian buslim has announced he will not seek reelection this year meantime a least twenty six more victims of sports dr larry nassar are scheduled to testify tomorrow at his sentencing hearing named him county circuit court in lansing over ninety women spoke out against him this past week the two thousand eighteen north american international auto show got off to a roaring start with over one hundred twelve thousand people on hand for yesterday's first public opening the mild other today also attracting large crowds dave cohen former chairman of the center for automotive research in ann arbor says more people are considering trucks over cars these days well i think that there is a basic reason for that why.

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