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The U. S. Is facing another mass shooting this time at a light rail yard in San Jose, California Sheriff's spokesman Deputy Russell Davis says a gunman opened fire on co workers at the Valley Transportation Authority really are this morning, killing eight people and injuring others. It's still unclear how the shooter died. Davis says Law enforcement's now investigating reports of a bomb threat. We received information that there are explosive devices that are located inside the building that being said we activated our bomb squad, which is currently out on scene. Trying determine pretty much We're trying to clear out every room in every crevice of that building, ensure that the public safety is rest assured if we open up that building later on in the near future VT facilities located in Santa Clara County, home to Silicon Valley. Dramatic win for an activist shareholder marks a historic defeat for Exxon Mobil. Today, a small hedge fund called Engine number one managed to elect two of its candidates to the oil giant's board. A major victory for activists investors who've been pressuring Exxon Mobil and other companies for decades to reduce their carbon emissions. Meanwhile, climate change activists are also hailing a significant legal victory against Royal Dutch Shell. MPR's Jeff Brady reports, A Dutch court ruled the oil giant must cut its greenhouse gas emissions faster than planned. The district court in The Hague, where shall is based ruled the oil company must reduce climate warming greenhouse gas emissions 45% by the end of the decade, based on 2019 levels. Sarah Shah, from friends of the Earth International called the decision a massive victory that likely will prompt others to file similar cases. And all hope is really that this bird, it will trigger a wave of climate litigation. It's big polluters to force them to stop extracting and burning fossil fuels. A Shell spokesperson says The company already is investing billions in low carbon energy, including electric vehicle charging hydrogen, renewable energy and bio fuels. The company calls the decision disappointing and says it plans to appeal. Jeff Brady, NPR News and influential group of scientists is out with new, controversial guidelines that removed Longstanding barrier to stem cell research. Here's NPR's Rob Stein, the International Society for Stem Cell Research is new guidelines scrapped the so called 14 Day rule. For decades. That rule prohibited scientist from conducting experiments on living human embryos beyond two weeks of development, But the new guidelines say that could be allowed If there is broad societal agreement, such experiments are valuable. And if each experiment is carefully monitored, scientists say, studying human embryos for longer than 14 days could help find new ways to treat infertility, prevent miscarriages and eliminate birth defects. Critics, however, say such experiments raise serious ethical concerns. Rob Stein. NPR news This is NPR. This is not the 0.9 deputy you arm. I'm Jack Left ers in Boston States. Casinos have been cleared to fully reopen this weekend, The State Gaming Commission gave its approval today, lifting rules such as capacity limits on the gaming floors. Vice president of MGM Springfield, says it will be a gradual process of phasing out Cove. It related restrictions. Cambridge based company will be monitoring Corona virus infection levels across the country by testing at 350 wastewater plants simultaneously. Jennings how Eisner is a business development manager with bio Baht analytics, he says. This will be the first time anyone has used that method to look at evidence of Cove in 19. Across the country at the same time by monitoring this kind of wastewater data. We're going to have AH, better idea if there could be a spike in the individual state if there could be a new variant circulating that we need to pay attention to. Eisner says The testing begins early next month. Samples will be taken twice a week for 10 weeks. Results will be made available to federal, state and local governments as well as the individual plants. Everett is in line for more affordable rental housing mass developments issued a $9 million tax exempt bond for the development of these ST Therese property at Broadway and Gledhill Avenue. Project would build 33 affordable rental units for seniors as part of a larger project that will include an additional 44 affordable rental units. Centuries. Paris closed in 2004. 150 year old agricultural fair will return this August. Organizers of the Marshfield Fair say there will likely be health guidelines and restrictions in place. Typically draws 160,000 people a year, but it was canceled because of the pandemic last year. Members of the Boston Pops are out and about across the city today, pop up many concerts being performed curbside today and tomorrow This one was at Jamaica Pond. Rolling recitals are a show of appreciation for the community musicians of beyond both the old town.

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