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And people like Allen guelzo and others who pointed out the many factual errors in the argument that they were putting the idea that United States is really nothing more than a construct of racism is to fly in the face of all the extraordinary wonderful impressive human achievements that Americans have a dog Chief Dave the last quarter of the millennium Yeah, and so do you see any benefit to thinking like this or do you think it's all just just unhealthy? I think we the trouble with somebody else in writing a book and I've written nineteen now and it's very important to to keep remembering that one must always be as objective as possible. Don't don't allow your political views to influence your history. It's it's rule number one, really. You mustn't be objective. I don't believe when Howard Zinn with his Marxism and his assumptions was sat down or indeed Eric hobsbawm as well as his true old and Ethan Thompson, and any number of other faiths missed writers, sat down to write their books, but they were really doing anything more than using history as a way of propagating their Politics on to the Y. Out and I find that deep down professional and something that nobody should ever do. You had a question about different perspectives. Oh, yeah, that's right. So in different parts of the world Churchill is looked upon very differently so long for example in the United States to take one place. He's looked on his very he's looked on as a lot more heroic than a place like India and Bengal. I've talked to people from those countries and he's looked at as a lot more of tyrant there than he is in the United States. So why would you do you believe that it's this this lies around misinformation or do you believe that there's legitimate want in these countries to have a distaste for him? Well, I mean, of course in India the the movement for Indian independence is part of their of their National myth. It's an essential part of their creation myth. It's why you Americans need to see King George the third for example as as a tyrant which which my forthcoming book will hopefully points out that you can't call him a tyrant unless you're using the word tolerant and completely different way from normal for normal people. So we took you know Alfred the Great was probably not the enormous Splendid outstanding figure that we britons make him out to be the the French, of course on the podium and the Google both of them had major problems with their their lives careers and characters and each country has its foundational month. That it needs to believe in and and propagate and India is no different idea but a country that like Britain and the person like Churchill gave as much to India as as they did. It could be considered tyrants. If you want a real Tyrant, you look at the Japanese empire which was knocking on the gates of India in nineteen forty-one to nineteen fifty-three which in the Philippines, for example Hills Seventeen percent of the population in the short time that they were in occupation had the Japanese killed seventy 15% of the Indian population. They would be responsible for fifty million killed What stopped them Winston Churchill the British Army and the Indian army which together I help them back in in Burma. And so that is not the action of the Tyrant saving fifty million people's lives. Well as we wrap up this interview, I have to ask this question. What is your favorite on-screen depiction of Churchill? I can't decide between a cow and Gary Oldman. I was wondering the expert and well actually although Gary Oldman was absolutely superb job. I'm not going to go quite so far with John Lithgow because he's he's six foot five and Winston Churchill. So he doesn't really care that church idiot, but I'm afraid what I'd like you to do is watch a show called The Gathering storm and with Robert Hardy who I think for me, I was Churchill. He got Churchill better even than Gary Oldman who definitely comes a face seconds and Churchill has been depicted in something like a hundred and fifty movies. And and so to get even the top three or four or five is pretty impressive, but but Robert Hardy or or gharial So, all right. So before we end the interview, we just wanted to get some information on your next book highlights. Well, well as I say, might it's a biography of your last king endure the third. I think I'm going to call it sort of last king of America when you go to see Hamilton and you see that sort of lists being extremely can't figure singing a song about how I hoping to kill as many Americans as possible kill your friends and family or when you read The Jeffersons a 28 charges against him in the American Declaration of Independence you which course have a tyrant and you realize that that is easily the most misunderstood and underappreciated of Britain's Britain's marks. He was just tremendously unfortunate that he should have been up against leaders like George Washington brilliant polymath life Benjamin Franklin the Giants like Madison and Monroe your lawyers like John Adams the idea that they all and wordsmiths like wage. So this idea that they should all lived in the same place. Same decade is really tremendously unfair on parole Joseph. I am excited for you to convince me as an American, but just give me a fair hearing. That's all I'm asking for not nothing more than that. Absolutely. We'll see in Georgia. You are very kind to Papillon. Thank you very much indeed. Thank you for coming on. Thank you. Thank Have a good day and you bye-bye. Thank you for listening to preach the speech Please Subscribe 4 month. Interviews. We have a bunch of great ones coming up and also consider leaving a review. It really helps us out. Also, check out our other Show The World At Large. Thanks again. Goodbye..

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