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The NFL for that matter. But if he's only gonna come to play for the as because they're thrown an extra fifteen million dollars, Adam. But he really wants to be playing football, dude. Go play football. Like as the if you're as good as you were this past year playing college football. It's not like you're going to be poor playing football versus playing baseball taking the fifty. And I wonder if there's and I wonder if there would be some contingencies thrown in there. Where look they're signing this money, he has to like, I don't know there might be a non compete where look you can't play football after quitting baseball for the next five years or your money is being taken away again. Because he you know, what if he says yes, and I'm good to go and he plays for two and a half years in his like, you know, what not good enough. I'm going to go to the quarterback guru. I'm gonna go running some sand and Malibu hit the dunes and break off the route tree in front of some scouts and might find myself in the CF L for year, and then on on an NFL depth chart come buck and twenty twenty three. So here's a question for you before we conclude the whole Cuyler Murray discussion if in win because I think it's a matter of when he chooses the NFL over major league baseball. Put a percentage on it. What are the odds that he finds its way into into not major league baseball per se, but a major league organization at some point still afterwards. If you choose his football, I? I will say there's still a shot. I will say there's probably a thirty percent chance. No. No. No. No. No, no, no skews me that was going to be to potentially get to the big leagues. Oh, I'll say there's a greater than fifty percent.

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