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What were the what were the three by the way that three types of casper mattresses available? You've got an original, you've got a wave and you've also got the essential. Would you call that the. Alternate sleeping triple option. It's the holy trinity of should good use of geometry by the way, and I would add if you're not a Rambus or whatever, it's it's cool to if you have a normal body people were if you are a you ready? Yeah, don't deca he'd drawn. Yup. Yup. Twelve at twelve sided. That sounds right. Yeah, sounds right. All right. Let's talk football, big twelve, only two games to discuss here. Let's go quickly Oklahoma, fifty two TCU twenty-seven. This was my lock of the week. While they're in, it was looking like we had the occult forces of the factor of six applying in this game. Well, I mean we did have your nineteen right with LSU. I don't know if I called for nineteen in that game. No, I'm saying, well, you just like when teams score nineteen. I'm very strange about the nineteen point. Totally. Yes. Oklahoma one by twenty five for while they're up eighteen. This was the fourth straight time. Oklahoma scored thirty eight or more against TCU which is concerning if you're Gary Patterson, that's that's a bit concerning. We also saw Michael Collins come on for Sean Robinson. Midway through the second quarter. He did make a difference for the horned frogs through two quick touchdown passes got TCU back in the game, but really the story here I thought was Oklahoma's ground game. Great game Kennedy Brooks. He's a freshman had something of a coming out party in this game. One hundred sixty eight yards and a touchdown, Trey sermon also up over one hundred yards with two touchdowns of his own a bit of a scare for him when he went down with a knee out and he gets beat up, I think I think he's gonna be okay, but Oklahoma clearly dominated on the ground. They also had Kyle Murray with another casual for touchdowns through the air. The final score. We're here was fifty two to twenty seven the Sooners knock off TCU on the road and Oklahoma's I said at the top in a bit of an interesting spot now I don't see them losing the rest of the way depending on how things shake out in front of them. They could still be a factor in this whole playoff discussion. Certainly as relates to the big twelve again depending on how things go. So this is a big win that they needed on the road and they got it here. Yeah, I would. I would also add, so it's rough and McNeil's first game as interim defensive coordinator and all things considered. I think TCU only scored twenty points on offense. Camonte Turpin had a ridiculous. Kick return for a touchdown, and given the number of drives TCU had and making the quarterbacks, which whatever I thought mostly positive for Oklahoma on defense, which is good. That's not a thing..

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