Karma Warner, USA, Iraq discussed on Chris Plante


This Friday I am in the karma Warner and thinking about a country group that derailed his career by speaking disrespectfully to president bush the younger after the USA invaded Iraq in two thousand three the lead singer of the Dixie chicks Natalie Maines told press in London England she was ashamed the president lived in her home state of Texas many country music fans were not amused well today a few far left loons are unhappy the group has the word Dixie in its name to them Dixie is racist checks I guess is okay but could be misogynistic if you think about it checked spot man but back to Dixie I word may have to go so Dixie cups Sayonara baby weight maybe I can't say baby can I say maybe somebody check with CNN back to the Dixie chicks they must be mortified by this controversy what should they do I don't know they are very woke group and they cannot be associated with racist off maybe they'll change your name to the PC women so it seems like karma has kicked in here with the Dixie chicks running down their country and their president now they may have to change their name the checks ladies have a dilemma it is very tough to go in this direction East West north and you know the last one just don't say it now this.

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