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Matt. I'm here as always with Andrew, Andrew. How are you and what are you drinking? Damn, you blasted through that alien. Sweating a little bit. Just gently sipping Atia may peers trap. He tees grad reserve on. Yeah, I, I don't know. What does that say? Do you know that grand reserve numbing the partner of the Chamade part. I'm not even gonna try. Yeah, they didn't enunciated alpha me, but it's also it's an l. is there. So there's blue red and white. What's which one's the best you know? Post to be the? I've had the blue such a gap between my chemises. Yeah, get. I just remember there was I think we should may those a commercial where they poured it because it has a lot of head and then they use the knife now that Stella. Close, not even close. Good commercial, but it is different beer. I just is this super cool. So not the beer that I'm drinking? Nope, but it's good. It's it's a closer beer? Yeah, for sure. I am drinking something real weird or these might be weird to you. I don't know. It's a raspberry lemonade milkshake. Oh my God, I want it. It's a New England style milkshake. IP brewed with lactose Citra and lemon drop hops, raspberries, lemon juice. Lemon zest, vanilla and twenty. One of our closest friends and it's a beer bide well works and there's literally twenty one other or it was like a joint project between other break, I guess. Does that taste like milk shaky? No, it makes it tastes milkshake. He is the vanilla. So it's like vanilla. It's fruit and it's made with lactose, which is a milk sugar, which basically just makes it sweeter. I don't, and it gives a little bit more mouth feel makes it a little bit thicker is, is it like. Saori a sour beer esque. Well, this one is sour because it has raspberries in it. So it's a little tart, but it's not a sour. No, because I mean all the fruits and berries, I love and I mean, I will. I don't care if it's pink. I will drink that shit. Oh, it do is it is very pink. It's a little red hue, but looks so why don't you send me beer from Colorado. You're not gonna make off to the post office. Are you do? Why don't you just come out to Boulder Colorado, wherever any any part of Colorado, and then you can drink the beers here fresh out of the tap. So maybe record episodes live. Drunk, fine. I l arrange for it. I'll talk it. I will. I will also send you beers Tim Ray. I'll do it. I wanna thank Brian Catton via Email for our catchphrase if you wanna burn some calories while working then jump to conclusions, push your luck and dodge deadlines. Thank you, Brian. Appreciate that. And if you wanna send us some catchphrases for the show, please go to the list of money matters community on Facebook by visiting listen, moneymatters dot com slash community,.

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