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Can't say that enough just like a complete just like he's a superstar like you might hate him but he's someone you're trying to get on your fantasy team or your team when you're constructing one on a computer or whatever. So, I don't know too big Milestones, which is I just wanted to bring it up there maybe been little Milestones but those are the two big ones from this week. So I just thought we should have mentioned them we could imagine done during the game, but I think it's important to recognize them separately. Just again legendary Bruins. We've been lucky like with this is the this is this generation of Bruins that you know, as people talk about music and all of them. Are they talk about, you know Bjork give York borken mountain and I can't believe I just thought Ray bork Bjork like Anders Bjork. That's so funny. These guys are them passed or not, you know like Pasternak might be the future. But Bergeron name is Sean Tuukka Rask David. Krejci. They Define their generation of ruins and They Carried the mantle, you know, the more the Bruins teams change the more they stay the same the game changes the more they say the same like it's an organization. I'm glad we have a healthy environment over the last twenty years then maybe for summer the previous times and at times in the history, but these days I just it's I'm already going to cry like when they retire like the Jersey, you know, the numbers going in the rafters am already upset about it and we still have them around for a little bit. So congratulations Shogun for always now. Okay Brad, sometimes you don't necessarily represent us the most ethnically but you've come around guy getting married and kid and stuff really did you dead? So congratulations boys on that overall though as a team. We are 11:00 5 and two but twenty four points. We played fifteen games good news is we're going into will be going in and we'll talk about it a minute though into a stretch playing at home. And we've been very good at home this year, which is not always been the case when playing at home. So exciting news this week came out though Charlie Baker starting on March 22nd Governor Charlie Baker, excuse me, for those of you who might not know if I say who Charlie Baker who the hell is Charlie Baker and if you're not from Mass, you might not know who Charlie Baker is a dog on me opening up sports venues and concerts and such at 12% capacity which looking at the screen 2100 fans of so, I don't even want to know what organ you have to sell to get a ticket to get in that building cuz I know how expensive they are when you can cram 14,000 of us in there so long I'm sure Julian Edelman from the Patriots is very prompt. He loves the Bruins and he tweeted like we're back baby. Let's walk and go March 22nd. So Julian Edelman might be in the building cuz he can afford the ticket but we sadly will not but big deal 12% It's opening the Bruins get the first home game not the.

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