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A the next time a guy in in old school way a flipped a bat after homerun he'd get hit will if he played in say the '80s '90s like you did the next time he played maybe not a may be against the mavericks or maybe against and team and he got on a breakaway he might get close line dramatic it hit hard you might get hurt route wouldn't someone make them pay for that kind of clowning have tried try that way against the ninety two pissed the right i mean just think would probably do it was the next gaming laid even do it to them it was like just to teach them a lesson lam beer or mahorn would you smoke and just because he did that how in another game not even against them again day yeah i mean different era different arab but i think today eight the the specially young sports fans are totally cool with what however and by the way i'm i'm freaking out right now because these smith is brought a picture of jake arrieta with a beard i mean this guy looks nothing if he went to the mound right now go who is that due to the mound for the cubs a wh who is a guy because it it's amazing absolute a black how they say it isn't ready to go to the yankees will they say was where the delic was where it's saying his wife against britain arietta like with where it's the same guy if no wedman no not not a chance at a chance at every guess at stake area he looks like he's about 15 thursday it's like wow a kidney are you kidding me uh we'll take a phone call here let's go to it's going to kevin in nevada toll cable at shagen much what filling guys natta not a you know i i i don't really care about the back foot then but what if it ended up that clinton the end up dead your thrown at this after you get the.

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