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Field a slow down tending my head to the riots. Look at the moment for the first time in years. I don't think i've ever seen it in the top before. Show those ye occasional. School play held after hours. But if that ever been one during a full moon. I deliberately avoided looking at the moment on the ride. Home now though. Deliberately look straight at it. I saw that it hadn't changed one bit. His cloak foam fluttered slightly in the night briggs. Moonlight glinting slightly off. The glass is his cross itself. Miracle for never having cleansed creepy show but how let out a sigh of relief from was just about to tell my head back to the roads when i saw tippett's to not i screamed slammed on the brakes crane my neck desperate to confirm if what i'd seen was real. I saw that it was on its head and his arm nailed to the cross with no indication th ever moved i stat at his batty blinky winning for it to move again when it didn't i got out of my car. Squinted at it. From the edge of the road stafford. Several minutes at the very least but still didn't move this point. Rational person would have accepted that they imagined it come back in the vehicle and headed home. Something in me snapped to that moment that thing at tormented mason. I was a child. And i wasn't put up with it anymore. If no one else was gonna take it down and do it myself. I didn't care if. I got charged with vandalism or trespassing. I didn't care if people thought i was crazy. I just wanted that thing gone through. Open my trunk and rifled through my emergency kits and some leftover camping supplies a hatchet lighter if i couldn't cut it down i'd bernie down the hatch in my hand and the light in my pocket. I marched across the field and up the valley of ripe indian corn. My heart pounding. My is the moment implacably gaze down at me all the while. Refuse to take my eyes off. It's my hand poised to swing the hatchet. Defensively should the need arise. By the time. I was standing right in front of it. Still hadn't moved again and i calmed down enough to reconsider what i was doing. Just a halloween decoration. That no one ever took dow. I said to myself shaking my head at the ridiculousness of it all before heading back paused to take a good look at the obscene strowman..

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