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Commercial oh it takes a little while for the lyrics to kick in but once they do although sam do not post this on snapchat when they start saying my name here in a second wait for that yeah looking for a getaway day don't try to bring me down i'm looking for another way i'm on the this is my theme song you know this is nothing but good part sixteen mike is here after we check traffic with john morrissey john you'll love it i'm sorry what was that was that james gang hairband say rule john come on okay if you say so we've got ourselves a pretty crowded drive twenty five is pretty busy through downtown i two over here your drive to seventy is pretty busy to both sides of two seventy and that drive getting into downtown southbound i twenty five you being held up by a crash at thornton parkway that's got the left lane blocked looks like santa fe and mineral still pretty jammed up by an accident but overall i'm seeing traffic really loosen up now where i'm seeing a lot of traffic is heading up into the mountains as your bass idaho springs and and head up toward down a villain georgetown a lot of traffic on that i seventy drive as you make your way up to the mountains your.

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