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Fellow actors who might not have easy access to girl scout cookies, which also makes me wonder if it is girl scout cookie season in which case, I definitely need to start getting some of those and try and find some girl scouts somewhere in my neighborhood. But not trying to find them in a creepy way. But in a reasonable way where I asked them for cookies, which also sounds weird. But anyway, we'll see how that goes. So mackenzie. She tweeted about her sales. She said look for me. I'll be the one in a blue dress with girl scout thin mint cookies in my purse. So she tweeted this before the show, obviously to try and get people lined up to get cookies from her. She also sent a friendly reminder on Twitter later that she had the cookies with her at the awards show and she posted a picture with her co-star Parker Bates posing with a box of Samoa's. I have heard that some are no longer called that they are called karnal delights or something similar, which I I should question the PC nature of this article. But anyway. So she was very entrepreneurial. She sent the message before the awards telling people to look for her and during the wards as a reminder, which was great. I also wonder how big her purses because those boxes cookies are not tiny. So I don't know if she just had someone else like lackey lackey girl scout just to hold them for her or had a giant purse. I'm not sure. But because he did get some love from the girl scouts on Twitter, and what the girl scouts. They tweeted in response to her post. They said now the sag awards will be even sweeter. They added. Don't forget to remind everyone that those boxes are packed full with empowerment oh, girl scouts. Classic which I guess it is true. I mean, while working with the girl scouts and selling cookies did really force me to get out there and actually talk to people and practice like talking on the phone to people, and I was forced to do math, which was terrible but had to be done. And I mean, I also got to eat delicious cookies so thousand -portant, and that if I one of the prize I had to work for it. So yeah, okay..

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