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I'm Vicki Barker in London tributes from both sides of the aisle pouring in for John Lewis, the civil rights leader and longtime congressman who has died at 80 even as he battled pancreatic cancer. John Lewis was watching the new civil rights protests that have followed the police death of George Floyd. As he spoke to CBS this morning in early June, the sick people from all over the world taken to the streets to the roadways to stand up to speak up to speak out to do what I call getting in trouble, which John Lewis himself did frequently in decades past. Yes, I was beaten that bloody and unconscious. But it never became bitter hospital never gave up. Cancer ended John Lewis's lifetime of battle. He was 80 years old. Tom 40. CBS NEWS Washington Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says her cancer's come back, but she'll keep working while undergoing treatment here. CBS News Legal analyst Jonathan Charlie Justice Ginsburg a stated she believes the treatment is going well and more importantly, it has not impacted her ability to function on the court. The corgis issued its final decisions and so justice. Ensberg has a period in which he can recover. Corona virus nearly 140,000 US deaths Now, with infection rates accelerating in many states, with several possible vaccines starting to be tested. CBS's We Do Jang has toward an Alabama factory preparing to produce millions of doses of vaccine that doesn't yet exist. I owe to material science in Auburn, Alabama, gave CBS News an exclusive look at how it's tackling a formidable task making enough vials for Hunt. Parents of millions of doses of a Corona virus vaccine by the end of the year. I don't want to exaggerate, but that's basically what you're telling. Lots to do save the world and do it in three months. It's part of the government's giant gamble operation warp speed to mass produce the most promising vaccine candidates before they're even approved here in Britain..

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