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Johny Ken show. John kobylt and Ken chiampou KFI AM six forty why coming up why why do you like some of the creepy weird? Sort of deranged people stories tend to come from Florida in the last ten years. He's always do. Trashy? I think there's a lot of exotic drugs there. That was home in the bath salts a few years back. Remember? Yeah. I know that's started that you're going to find out what happened in a Burger King, which is hard to believe Burger King. We start talking now about the college admissions scandal, Felicity Huffman, the former star of desperate housewives officially went to court today in Massachusetts and entered her guilty plea, and the response is they would like her to probably serve four months in prison. Prosecutors going to recommend four months in prison. For Felicity Huffman, that won't be a sentencing until September also one year of supervised release and a twenty thousand dollar fine to which he agreed to when she signed the plea deal last month. But today it was made official apparently she bloodied in court. She wanted to make clear that her daughters. Didn't didn't know anything about this? They were not. Yeah. She's she's got a fallen her sword to protect her daughters. Well, these unlike the Laurie Lachlan story, these daughters didn't even know their names to you. They didn't get much. It was she did it for the first one. But she did not do it for the second daughter. Remember that? That's the Felicity Huffman state. It was paid fifteen grand to rigor daughters. SAT test. And I've daughter had twice the amount of time as normal to take the exam. The ranches were corrected after Laurie. Laurie Laughlin in her don't be husband paid a half a million dollars. I think that's because they had to go through the crew team of the roaming today had faked rowing photos. Yeah. And they gave her a fake rowing profile. So the crime was more GIS. This was this was a fake test fake. Everything is fake. They actually did a story in the times, though, why how come? That's a New York Times. Yeah. Yeah. Well, we'll made him as big actor. Yeah. They had they had him on the phone. Call. He could still come currently. He did not show up with her today. I know are we there holding her brother's hand Rick singer, the college consultant said on the phone, it's taped are we all okay with the financial side, and the actual operational side of it and Macy said cool. Is that not enough to indict him just one word? Yeah. Cool. It does seem to affirm the arrangement though. Yes, it does. All right charge them. I would too. Yeah. Put all these. Why is my day after mother's day and the and he's he's letting his wife sink on this. She was there alone that you're right. The day after I don't know if he was in Boston. But he was not at the courthouse. Now, we moved to New York where the tall lanky. Lurch? Like, mayor of New York City. I wish this guy Bill de Blasios. He's in the news today because well last time we talked about them. We're two reasons he was supposed to announce he's running for president. It already seems like because you have thirty two people running on the Democrats. Even Biden's in. Did you see the governor of Montana? Is is running. No, yes. Democratic governor of Montana. Steve Bullock that just happened. Yeah. Yeah. Because I saw somebody else entered. But I think it was a congressman that I didn't know they're not the one from California swallow. Well, I already knew he was in. Like don't ask me. Why I know some of these names these all these weird us like nine debates because there's just too many people to have. And you know, some of these guys are going to be wack jobs. You you can't put twenty democratic politicians were they're all rushing rushing to see who's the most progressive and not have all kinds of crazy statements is going to be fantastic. I you know, what I think about party at my house, a drinking party to watch the democratic debates this summer. Fighting them up the Democrats as we mentioned are not doing a the grownups table versus the kids table. They're just going to have to debates maybe on consecutive nights are in consecutive hours. I don't know yet. But they'll break the group up into two probably it's still be a lot of people though, ten or eleven maybe. Yeah. Well, he's officially announced, but he has a staff already to go. Okay. It says ready for twenty twenty. I'm ready to. Yeah. He's a he's going to have his efficient. We're going to run for governor. I'll just go for president. That might be fun to do. The last time to Blasios announced. I can't do it Trump. Imagine that. Last time we talked about the, oh, he apparently said what we need to do in New York City to fight climate change is to band glass and steel skyscrapers. Now, all the cities in the world. He's banning the city pretty much. He is he put the whole city out of business. Did you just want a colossal buffoon, and then he got into his private car, and he went to his gym workout miles away in Brooklyn. Yes every day. Yeah. They called him on it. They say, hey, Mr. greenhouse gases. Why why are you being driven in an SUV all the way to Brooklyn staying in touch with my neighbor community, right? What? Bozo. Say a big bozo. So today, he showed up in New York City at Trump Tower, and the reason he did this. He's protesting. The fact that Trump pulled us out of the Paris climate agreement. That's because the weather was not good. They went inside. And apparently, there was a crowd carrying cardboard signs that said worst mayor ever failed mayor and Trump twenty twenty that was part of what he was greeted with we have about a minute of his speech, supposedly some of it. He was yelled over they played music over him shouting to reporters to people do that to guy SETI, they should do that to go say, let's hear it. This city government will convert.

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