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With it off to Al Durham for three. And he knocks a bad, but they're going to say it was a two stepping on the line. So Durham has his knife point eighty four to sixty four left, but it's all over, but the shouting here in Minneapolis the past comes right side to Rudd road. He throws it outside to hurt. Burt gives it to stall stall, very good three point shooter. Feeds heard on a given go play down inside both through the ball away. Demonte tips it away to the hands of Evan Pfitzner up the Florida Al Durham durables upper another three and he hits again and algorithm to threes or two shot longshots, I should say to because one was his fault was I'm alive, but he's got his twelve point. Eighty four sixty three and it looks even more respectable. Even though it's not gonna look that much to the average fan who looks at the store tomorrow morning back outside Rudd Roop off. It comes to a Mercer Mercer to stall stall. Now back to a Mercer drives inside and race blocked. His shot down low got his own rebound. Put it up or blocked him again. Or at least know call. Let's put it that way. But a nice job by race tops. And here's fits there for a three try. It's off the Mark. Hey, we're data one second. And that's the ballgame. Final score will read. Minnesota eighty four Indiana, sixty three is the hoosiers drop another here today, the thirteen and twelve four and ten and big ten and the frustration for this who's your day should continues as this Indiana basketball team gets clobbered here in Minneapolis, the Saturday, we will come back with the community cars.

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