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During the during the freeze. It's a younger plant. It was planted in July, but it was about 6 ft. Tall. But some of the others in the neighborhood did not. Freeze. I wondered, are these free party No, they're not. There's nothing wrong that happened to your plant. And Esperanza, even your neighbors. Once we get called enough, the top of the plant will freeze off once those Franz freeze when they turn brown on you. You can cut them say, plus to the ground, maybe a little four inch stub picking out of the ground. Simply say, you know where the plant is. Freeze back every year. The older the plant is the longer it's been in the ground. More cold they can handle, but they all will probably freeze back every year. Cut off the dead. And next spring, you'll see them pop right back out of that crown. That Esperanza of your should come back, happy healthy, and it'll get even bigger next year. This is how they work around here. Every year. They freeze back every year. They come back a little bigger and stronger and their beautiful for us. This is just the regular pattern. Yours may have froze because it's a little young, but it should be healthy for you next spring. Excellent. I did cut it back, and I will just wait and be excited in the spring. Yeah. 1st 1st little hands of warm weather. You'll start seeing those chutes come up, and it should do wonderful for you. Excellent. Thank you so much. Thanks for the call. Yeah, we're in that time frame folks were in that time frame. Some folks.

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