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She said that really did happen. And she's she also said, why do they have a lock down their door? She's a hand. But now they are command Lawrence how, so I kind of just sorry commander Joey Lawrence. Also, lots of people were on the joy Lauren que. Did anybody notice it besides with before us? So the other podcasting, few and far between. So one of the host of the other podcasts that are recommended to snarky pampered chef over there. She actually posted it before I posted it on our. Talking about joy. So. And then somebody asked me if I when I thought of him, did, I think of young, Joey Lawrence, like from gimme break. No Carter school. Oh, Gimmie break was a great show. No car. He was a little kid Joey, and then or joy or older older. Join Joey and Melissa Joan Hart headed show together on the Disney channel because anything to do was it called Joey is called Melissa, and Joey, or Jillian Melissa. I don't know. Somebody member someone will, yeah. Yeah, that was like older. Joey. No, I think of blossom Joey. Joe? That's really the only joy. I do believe the Joe Lawrence surgery. He had. Yeah. Oh, did it go? All right. Well, that's how we're going to decide or prize winner for this week. I don't have a price yet but next week to wait the first person. I No, know. no. Keep it fair this week because I don't anymore time controversies all you gotta do this post your favorite picture of joy Lawrence. If you can find proof the joy Lawrence had plastic surgery before. And after picture that's bonus. But I'm gonna take all the people that decide they want to do this and next week will pick one at random. So throw joy Lawrence photo up on our feet this week. And we'll do we'll see we're gonna win. I have an idea. We have several things in the price that over there. We got some give you some more. I have lots of stuff. I have some more graphic novels. I have we have stickers, which we need to send people super excited about her stickers Tian of stem. We have some fat on box that was leftover from the fall. That was pretty awesome. What else we got? We got some stuff from Mari down in Georgia at the behalf. We do now, we do got some stuff left over from that. Yeah. To anything's for me for my notes for the people. Really interested in that bit fun bucks understand. Yeah. I understand shocker. I'm still gonna try to wiggle my way into some of them goods. It's good stuff, so shit behind Georgia. We love them. Yeah. So the social media was just blowing up this week. I was really, it's always fun. When we throw crazy crap, like, hey, posted naral and. See what happened. Somebody did post something coach I thought about while I was watching, but we never got a chance to talk about it. Which was I don't remember name because it's not core. Whoever the other hand, may or the other Martha in Lawrence's house. Guess she was Knicks little thing on the side when he was in jesu- bells at one time in the kitchen where they were talking to recap. But then I was like, no, I think she just looks kinda similar now. That's for sure familiar to that's her. That's her. Yeah. I put second why she was so cavalier, even at Jessica commanders everywhere. Right. Yeah. Like did you notice I did? But I've got some who is Lawrence Lynn Jessop hell. All right. Here's the here's the person called cath Fisher. She said, guys, you really Mr. important scene when Lawrence orders June to remove a book from the shelf..

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