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Event it's just going to happen we have to make it happen and so the point is we can win all of these districts and i think we can also win the twentyfirst because it is one of the most clinton districts out of all of them and so if we put in the work and turn out those 2016 voters plus new people who are energized because of trump than that is a flippable district there was work to do there and we have and there's a lot later of start because in these other districts democrats have been running for almost a year in some cases they got in right after trump came in office and in the twenty first i believe i think tj cox's the name of the democratic got in the race right before the deadline and so no name id less organization and so we'll we'll see if with some support and some work you can flip that one too but so we're in the game we gotta shot in all of them but it's gonna take real work like we cannot think of this as inevitable it is something we have to work our tails off in worker we've never worked before and all the tools to winner there we just have to we have to do it and one of the reasons that they say the general electorate is a bit more democratic than the primary electorate is because more young people show up in the general election than they do in the primary so this only happens it only gets more that you lectured only gets more democratic in november if we get young people to the polls young people who voted for before young people who've sat out previous midterms which is why the democrats did so horribly in two thousand and ten in two thousand fourteen there was a huge dropoff in young voters so you know we get asked love it said this before but we get asked all the time and when we do our live shows there's always a question like how can i talk to my unbelievably conservative mother who loves trump about you know why she's wrong and i think finally one of the shows lubbock gave the answer don't talk about it don't waste your time and energy on your superconservative mom who loves trump go find.

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