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Patrick. Mahomes the best we've ever seen at the position. Let's move on. Miami Heat or in the finals storylines Galore storylines everywhere for you none. Bigger I don't think to God's then the question of. Who wants it more? Does and this is the top of the food chain on who wants it more. The question I'm posing to you and the audience is this. Does Lebron James Want to win the championship as much as Pat Riley wants to deny him the championship. That is who wanted a more question that I have for you because this is all the things that brought Lebron here in Riley's mind to the building of an organization that could support you to win your first championship. Against not man I got it I'll do it myself. I'm the best there's ever been. there are two people in this series. And only two who think. They're the best. There's ever been. because. You got one executive who has done it in the finals across six decades and dion waiters. Dion. Did you guys think I was talking about? Dr. Jr. Smith Yeah no I thought the waiters was was where you're going. So yes. I want you imagine the outrage that would just basically scorched the soul of Pat Riley. If Dion waiters was holding up that trophy at the end of the season, I told Zach Lowe. The story recently, can you guys stop? Stop distracting me. The radio show I know what you were doing my your. Boxing. Each other out to try and get to the waiters Jr Smith Joke I saw what you're doing now stop doing. Job Party. Proud of it. I be out quickly on a raise in a sprint last week and he has no, let go of it and he is kicking my butt this week. You are you're both like mellow when he grabs rebounds in just yells at Everybody F. Oh. You're both like that. and. It wasn't good enough joke. It was an okay job the waiters jokes, but again. You have to understand something dion waiters created a shame for the Miami Heat Organization. This runs counter to the heat way by passing out on a plane because of an edible. Yeah. Culture. Well and he was fined a lot toward the end. He would just taking money from him wherever could. It was basically, he was being fined for being dion waiters but I love what you've created here. This is not so much about the heat winning a championship for Riley as it is about denying Lebron a championship that's why I keep saying it will feel like winning two championships down. Let's let's cover some of this stuff so that you guys understand what the history is here because there's basketball history here there's personal history here. The the stories are rich in terms. Of some of the stuff we're talking about. So you look back in time and this decade has been dominated by Lebron. He's turned espn an infomercial for the things that he does of the last ten years ever since we got into bed with him making television show that made him go from a even from child famous to superstar famous to infamous too big star in sports, the Michael Jordan of our time supported by the worldwide leader in sports that just. Can't get enough of him for ten bleeping years and over those ten bleeping years Pat. Riley was a part of the first half end Lebron James and Pat Riley had basically what you saw happen at the end with Brady and Belichick well, who's responsible for this or we in this together it's it. Are we responsible together as a team boom? It breaks up Lebron Says No, I want because of me because I came into my prime and Pat Riley on. The other side saying yeah. But you weren't posting up Jj Berea. When you got here, you had to add to your game and you had to learn some of the things that got learned that you know Shane. Batty tells us that Hassan whiteside gets out there after they WANNA championship and he's laying down on the court after sprints and a bunch of champions are coming in picking them up and say, no, this is how we do it over here. You're embarrassing us. So Lebron Says No I. Don't need this culture I've learned what I need to learn. You thought player empowerment was two thousand and ten. I'M GONNA show you player empowerment I'm going to leave again and I'm going to win a championship and I'm GonNa create my defining moment in Cleveland I'm going to do the thing in Cleveland that sort of excuses me for being three and six in the final on a bill that team up that boosted its assets that they got directly from you for fifth year I didn't actually sign up for and To recruit against you the Cleveland cavs only had the pieces to get Lebron James because they were such a disaster as an organization after Lebron James left doing things like signing Luol Dang because they thought they were a piece away. They then had Andrew Wiggins to trade for Kevin Love, Mike you don't sound bitter at all. I. Am Bid Imagine if Mike Spindler a matter imagine how Pat Riley feels now now go back. Okay. At the end Peres got to re recruit him and he's he's he's signs like Josh mccown robbed. US and Danny granger. I. Forgot the Grainger want. Say IT wrong. Tony. Josh MC robbed us is what they call him around the heat organization like that's how they were going to bring Lebron back Danny Granger and John Josh Mic rob does yes and just keep in mind how personally. Lebron took, why did this offseason where they were all waiting around for decision and the only thing left there was Danny Green and the Lakers are weaker for it. Lebron tried to do that with Miami because you of feared this day would come and if it wasn't for blood clots, what came a lot sooner and so here we are though Greg. Cody here we are with the story lines of the I. Want you guys to understand when it comes good Lord during a pandemic to sort of think about your mortality where Pat Riley for years has been talking about wanting to retire but the Games got a grip on him that so much part of his identity, and here he is in his mid seventies and the world upside down that he can't even physically get close to his team because he's in the demo that's dangerous when it. Comes to this stuff and there are protocols and he built what it is that you see out there Eric's bolster because that organization is filled with loyals, loyalists and lifers. If you leave your out your excise whether you randy funds, Stan, Van, Gundy, your excise, you are not in a relationship with Pat Riley. Anymore if you are not a member of the Miami, still can't talk to Larry Bird and Michael Jordan because of the war they had four decades ago although I have a feeling if Lebron wanted to come back, PAT would welcome him back I mean, okay. Fair enough. But that's not what we're talking about today way to go to a take that you've used many times last. Once you leave. You can't come back unless you're Lebron..

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