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I've seen my. Pathetic baseball team. You know I got the Tampa Bay feeding you know the play by play man was the Tampa Bay feed play by play for the raise Dwayne stats. No. He's all they had to replace. Always, buddy. Kevin burkhart. Yeah. I couldn't believe was raise well, can't be like students engaged the baseball guy. You know, he's doing a Saturday stuff for FOX, and I guess he wants to, you know, get the quinoa, but he wants to get himself involved. God bless you have to do the reggae. And Larry, I hate to tell you this, my friend. Cleveland Indians making fish. That'd be lucky to fly water and in fairness to the Indians when you take Corey kluber. And when you take my cleven out of that rotation it's going to make a big difference head. But that's the issue airy you down there, one up and compare it to what the Minnesota Twins have Minnesota's Ford deeper lineup fall, more explosive, look at the way they just won't mad hor VI. And I mean you wanna talk about a guy shelved, he once was Matt Harvey, who got ten million dollars from the angels, what eighteen? Oh, it's an embarrassment pitch. Larry you'll Minnesota Twins or you're going to be chasing the Minnesota Twins and Minnesota who I picked to win the division this year. I'm feeling pretty good about that. I was surprised I was like cleaning my mine handled for the fourth straight year. But I like the three three run is over. Yeah. And what will be thing for more chernoff, son. The general manager of the Cleveland Indians. Appreciate the call. You fat a team that's been knocking at the door for the last couple of years, but you're a small market team. You're not gonna be able to run your team the same way that other teams can. Well, you can throw crazy money at. Pending free agents like Frankie Lynn door who's a year or two down a lot tremendous. Tremendous dallin. You're going to be able to pay upwards of one hundred eighty two hundred million dollars. That's why when your team the Cleveland Indians you gotta strike, while the is out and you can't say the Indians didn't come close. I mean they were in game seven at a World Series. They had the best team in my opinion twenty seventeen and they got knocked off by a Yankee team that think in a bottle and it can win a game. Yankee Stadium and data Gregoria solve Corey cool burners games that much. Indians are not the same team that you say. But how about Matt Harvey? I mean, you'd think about what he was pitcher. You think about Harvey at the top of his game dominating for the new year bets. Watches. Stephen Strasburg Garrett Cohen said in the broadcast, the only had lost it in New York Mets in that ballpark is when Matt Harvey beat them on a cold Friday night in April. And I remember the city feel crowd Chen, hor vs, better. Feels like ten twelve fifteen years ago. Even though it wasn't that long ago. And it was important time that Harvey was somebody wouldn't trade for Mookie Betts, my trout Bryce off all combined into one. Couple years later. Medical procedures. Trouble off the field designated for salmon. And you have to wonder how much longer until that's going to be his fate with the Anaheim angels with ways pitching. Ain't going to be a major league much longer. Fifty six. This morning. It's JJ after dark, John jastremski with you right here on the fan. Eight seven seven thirty seven sixty six sixty six we'll get to Kemba Walker. And what he's NBA all team status may mean for the summer of twenty nineteen and in the Eastern Conference finals quite the turn of events. And if you had books warriors money, live parlays series prices, and you thought that was money in the Bank think, again, after what you've seen in allies straight games and think about what has transpired here and game five we'll get into the Eastern Conference finals. We got a lot more in the Yankees Mets Chan pack Friday should've JJ after dark and sad here. On.

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