Rendon discussed on The Jeff Santos Show


Look at it now and i totally agree with it i mean you know and my leftist rendon would like he'll be the one yeah that's where they're gonna put you i got with a double double he could then you're if you don't have the betting that what does that if you don't have the betting bet who could did it wait between pain guy i you know eight the talent but dollars in this country i'm not it bit educated here you can't have the bit between uncovered it's why and you know goal that older it we need to get better than that way being my point but a way i'm a little picked off but it is they didn't whiff it got didn't with the article stone to you in order to get things that we how whirl or were one and it it it it go and play who a break in colon bid happened in the past but i think with that happening the pitching depth it was read the world eerie and pick your the weekend there they did that i'm not saying we have to go to that i bet five what we're being it not great we can't even out a bit got hit yeah rip i listen it really see one of the sad because the reality is you know this is this is discussion about the governmental policies.

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