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Second NFL game is tonight his Bangles in Cleveland for Thursday night Football Burrow, hoping it goes better than Sunday night as I played terrible threw 3.5 quarters and then I played up to my standards in the last drive in almost one game, so I just have to You know, I know I'll be ready for it. And I just have to keep that same mindset. I had the two minute girls. Kind of bring that along the rest of the season. Burrows likely game winning touchdown. Past age agree was wiped out by offensive pass interference. Then Randy Bullock missed that tying field goal in the final seconds with the Chargers, Niners Ted and George Kettle not expected a practice all because of a sprained knee, Bud That doesn't mean he will not play Sunday at the Jets teammate Richard Sherman's on I R with a calf injury. Broncos corner age. A boy on I over the dislocated shoulder. They both must missed at least three games s o. The Yankees can feel free to lose again as soon as possible. Gashi Oka A home run store. That's Kyle Higashio car. He had three home runs last night for the Yankees. John Sterling on W. F A A. And he got she'll get a backup catcher, a career 1 69 hitter, leading them to a 13 to rout of the Blue Jays. It's a seven game win streak now for the bombers, just four in a row for the Cubs, 32 in 10 over Cleveland. Chicago maintains a five game winning the Cardinals and Reds in the N L. Central. Twins, avoiding a three game sweep in Chicago 51. They now trail the White Sox by two in the A. L Central and the Dodgers in the playoffs, clinching with yesterday afternoon. 75 win in San Diego there, eight years streak in the playoffs is the longest active run in baseball. The third longest all time game two of the embassies finals tonight. The Heat hoping for a tool in the Celtics, tip off is just after four Pacific We also get Game six on ice. The Lightning with their second chance to close out the Islanders. The Dallas Star is still waiting in the Stanley Cup final and MLS last night, Portland and San Jose played to a 11 draw. That timbers goal was scored by Jimmy Ciara's set up by his brother, Diego. The six time that brothers have hooked up for a goal in MLS history Bill back to you. Bogus good stuff. Love the update, even though you made me angry when I heard Tiger Plus two, of course he's plus 2 2020. When I want to hear is just I guess you can't lie to is right. You can't just for my benefit again. You'll be like tires 12 under never saw anything like it through six. I could leave him out. I wouldn't lie, but I could ignore him. Got it? How you feel about the tiger attacking and give me this update gave me a future update House tag you're going to be doing on Saturday. Little future. It'll turn around. The bogus future will be. He'll be in contention on Saturday and then Monday morning, we'll be recapping a tiger victory. But I'm talking about about love it all right, Andrew, Bogus John's better. Andrew, bogus and producer underscored Tom coming up in a moment. He's going to give us.

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