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So much as a young person call is a big role model for me. My name is Matthew. I'm seventeen and I'm a senior thunder mountain high school. He held connect me to my culture which I growing up. I never really got the chance to a whole lot so I think for him for that. I have a lot of passion for would I do. And that's because I can see the results with with the young people that join ny home and it's out of the blocks. Juneau Alaska One neighborhood ahead. Everybody's story everybody. Everybody Story and my name is George Coach car and we are at my home and my wife's home that we share on North Douglas Highway in Juneau Alaska. What's her name bridget? She's at work work today. where she she is at work yes she works at Jammie? She's a clinician. They're part of her is with you here today though. Let me have you tell that story. Okay so I moved up here in two thousand seven some wandering soul and I'd met bridget and shortly after within months of US moving in together up here I had lost my kidneys and that's due to genetic condition. I have called our ports syndrome so in the process of being on dialysis. Bridget looked into being a donor for me. A kidney donor.

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