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Eighteen so it's kind of jumping back and forth you're not going to have many years like twenty seventeen where market just goes one way and that's up so we'll watch that and i'll and i'll bring you that information if it does change but right now a little more than one hundred points down the big news yesterday on the show as we're doing this show was that milwaukee school's superintendent darren driver is leaving nps she's going to be the ceo and president of the united way of southeastern michigan now she's going to stay in a role here in within nps till july ninth i think our last official they will be i six she said this yesterday in a statement released by nps this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to use the power of collective impact an equity improve the lives young people their families and the communities in which they live it is with mixed emotions that share with you my appointment today as the president and ceo forty united way and i can pretty tough on superintendent driver and i wanna say this i have no ill will towards progressive for leaving i've never met her personally but i've had many people tell me she's an outstanding smart person i don't doubt any of those things i just disagree with some of the things that milwaukee public the schools is doing and her career with nps who's the first woman to ever hold the position of walkie school superintendent came on and twenty two thousand fourteen she was the youngest at that time to be in that position at thirty six she was something that was highly considered she's still rated very highly and a lot of different areas academic things but my problem with nps is a couple of things one is academics and the other one is school safety and i've hammered this point over and over and over again keeping kids safe in the hallways in classrooms in the campuses in and around nps is probably the most important duty they have and i say that not because i don't understand the importance of education but i say that with the knowledge that when you take fear and lack of safety out of the.

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