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And they take law ni Johnson out of early in the second round. Mandalay heirachy big guy on the outside. NFL loves him more than lots of people do that would be that would throw everybody for a loop especially over adjust in lane or an Amani or award or Joe one Williams. Yeah. That one. That would be one. It makes a lot of sense. And that's actually something that will be talking about a little bit. That's some of the logic. I used for exercise that we will be talking about on the draft show on Friday because Johnson makes an appearance on that show as well with one of the exercises that we all did with Jake. It's gonna be fun. But that's that's I mean that would make a lot of sense I-, Craig. I'm not sure that they wouldn't take him at twenty nine because I think Daniel Jeremiah mocked him to twenty today. Oh my goodness. Which I think would be crazy mine is another guy that has been getting that like thirty ish range L J Collier, the edge from TCU. He didn't test like Ed particularly high level for an edge. And that kind of scares me. He's a decent football player. I think we kind of have them fringe dates three, you know, in that kind of range. That's a guy. I if. If the media is real about that like that would surprise me. And I would not be thrilled with that. That'd be a very brilliant speaks in selection. If he was there at at twenty nine, okay? I wanna ask this question. Nate c h four seventy nine asks hypothetical. How many years of immunity has Andy Reid built up before Clark hunt thinks of changing the coach Eddie read has exactly as much leash as Andy Reid. Once. Andy Reid is going to be here until he retires Clark hunt is going to give him all the leniency in the world. I just don't see a scenario where Andy Reid could screw up enough especially with how much that he's one since he's been here in Kansas City. They progressively gotten better. I mean there were in the AFC championship game last year. He would have to fail pretty pretty hard for him. For Clark hunt to be fed up with him and move on to change the coach. So it's. Until Andy retires. I agree with Craig saying like I do think they until Andy wants to move on where his syncing to be over the only wildcard. I don't see how this would happen. But if there's back to back or maybe three losing seasons with a healthy, Patrick, Mahomes, just based on what we've seen. I don't see how you would not make a change. If something happens in the chiefs cannot win games with Patrick Mahomes, still playing well, but he just obviously is taking the step back based on the upside you've seen if that happens for multiple use. I don't know how you could just sit there and stick him with Andy Reid, you would have to put the blame somewhere. And if you're not gonna put it on Patrick Mahomes, which at this point. I don't think you can't if you're the City Chiefs, it would have to go to Andy Reid. That's the only realistic way. I could see happening now by his own choice. Yeah. These aren't realistic scenarios in which Patrick LeVine, Mahomes is doing anything. That's keeping this team doubt. I mean, like if Patrick Bohm's is healthy, I eat they're they're gonna be it it, which is like it's absurd that Kansas City finally has someone that is like that. But like, I don't I don't know if there's any real scenario that like it's realistic unless the chiefs went Owen sixteen for two years, but that would be because something bad happened to Patrick live on Mahomes and. Saying that that grouping of words together. Let's let's stop with that group. Didn't sound right. Just. Call another grown by his full just got in trouble by your parents name kids. What are you doing? That's I don't think that's what Craig was talking about..

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