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Show more fallout from the Robert Kraft charges that were filed plus highlights and lowlights of the Oscars four o'clock ninety three WBZ. The Dino show. We have so much to discuss I have more. I don't have enough time for everything that I prepared for you today. There's just too much happening. Let's get into some headlines showy and now all of the news. You would probably miss it's time for data's quick. So the remember the athletes that are telling you about the two young men who are defined as women and have competed in a high school girls track competition and beat out the other girls. So they're taking their spots going to going forward estate. Well, they said that in instead of the other girls complaining about the fairness being forced to compete against males. They said, quote, just work harder. Now, imagine this argument being used in the workplace during arguments over the off disgust wage gap. Right. Imagine that can you imagine. Oh my gosh. There would be we'd been a gnashing of teeth. I can't even of the likes of which we could not fathom. Oh, my word moving on here. Says it's a crazy story April. The sisters of the let's see Mike Pence is to meet with one in Columbia this according to Associated Press, and Reuters the vice president plans to have his first meeting with Venezuela. One Guido today in Columbia in a signal of support for the opposition leader after a weekend of violence. That's over the weekend. Madora block convoys US humanitarian aid from crossing over in juvenile's Walea from Columbia. They used tear gas rubber bullets and they killed two protesters in the process in sane. So we'll watch and see how that happens. We're gonna talk to Steven Yates about that here coming up and a woman was arrested for salting a MAG a man wearing.

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