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HR 14 25 extends coverage to nearly five million Americans by pushing the holdout states to finally expand Medicaid. This would be Such a blessing to people in those states whose governors denied them health insurance coverage. It also mandates 12 months of Medicaid coverage for eligible postpartum mothers and ensures I requested a Nadege Inal minute you the gentleman Extra minute has additional minutes. Thank you mandates 12 months of Medicaid coverage for eligible postpartum mothers. And ensures that once a person is enrolled in Medicaid, regardless of their income changes, they will be covered for a full year. The bill ends the Trump Administration's expansion of junk insurance plans, which excludes coverage of routine care. Imagine that what kind of policy doesn't coverage routine care and has left patients on the hook for thousands of dollars? In medical bills and reinstates critical funding for outreach, marketing and enrollment so more Americans can easily sign up for insurance. I'm very proud that many of this parts of this bill originated in the health subcommittee, which I chair where my first hearings as chair examined how to strengthen the This is good for the American people, especially during this crisis of a pandemic and a recession and I yield back the balance of my time. Gentlewoman's time has expired. The gentleman from Oregon Madam Speaker, I now yield three minutes to the ranking member and former chairman of the subcommittee on the Energy and Commerce Committee. Dr Burgess. The gentleman from Texas is recognized for three minutes. I thank the gentleman for yielding the affordable care act for the last 10 years really has been anything but affordable. Prices have gone up every years. In spite of what we were, in spite of what we were promised. It's only been the last two years that premiums have actually begun to reduce. That is because of some of the policies enacted by the current administration. Texas Republican Congressman and medical doctor Michael Burgess banding the usability of limited duration plans expanding association health plans. So when we talk about this bill to expand the affordable care act, what we're really doing is increasing the UN affordability of health care in this country. Now this hr 25 establishes a new re insurance program. And it's going to cost $10 billion per year forever. There's no end date. This Rangers program does not include some of the longstanding protections that ensure that federal funding cannot be used to pay for abortions. If we want to pass a bipartisan reinsurance policy Energy Congress Republicans have a bill HR 15 10 which includes reinsurance, coupled with structural reform of the Affordable Care act. And give states more choice on how to repair their markets that have been damaged by the affordable care act, and it is offset by stopping bad actors from gaming. The system importantly, it does include the hide protections and therefore protects life. H. R 14 25 also punishes states that choose not to expand Medicaid by cutting their federal share of Medicaid funding. So let's be very clear about this. The states such as mine did not expand Medicaid re evaluates year by year. But if they choose not to expand if they say they can't afford what this expansion would bring to the state now, this bill proposals Reduce the funding the federal match for the traditional Medicaid populations. And who are they flying? Aged? Disabled? Medically fragile Children? Women? Why would we want to do that? Now? Look, remember the reason that we have strum states expanding medicated. Some not is because a Supreme Court case The National Federation of Independent Business versus Sebelius, which ruled that threatening state's Medicaid funding for not expanding is unconstitutional. Sections to a foreign to all five of this bill would violate the very same principles and course states rather than incentivize them to expand Medicaid. This will be struck down by the Supreme Court as well. Lastly, this bill uses offsets that would actively harm our nation's Corona virus response by using offsets from HR three that would require the government to set prices and confiscate dollars from pharmacologic developers. The congressional budget analysis found that such policies would lead to substantially fewer new drugs coming to market. We really can't afford world without the next room disappear. You back to the gentleman. Madam speaker. I would just point out that as we sit here today, Oklahoma and a Republican governor has chosen to expand Medicaid coverage. That's how it should work, not penalizing system of that. I reserved bounce read Walden..

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