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It'd be part of it is actually to to have that luxury car or the sportscar the. Aston Martino McLaren, and you know, that it can do almost anything, and you also know that it can drive off the cliff quite easily. So we have to know to some degree. What are you doing? As a personality type. I enjoy being in the sort of risk zone close to the edge. Not too close. Because inhabiting that part of the world is I find very stimulating. Will you still in control? But belly I guess, I'm not typical thrill-seeker in this way, adrenaline junkie, whatever the colloquial is. But that's the fun part. One of many actually does that Barrett's health out in composition as well. To want to include everything are you good at editing act excess in your own in your work. I'm not a vastly different person. When I write music. Okay. It's a very different kind of activities slow and it's lonely, and whereas conducting his public interest is social and filled with adrenaline people actually clapping when you turn up at work. Helps doesn't happen in composer's life, a friend of mine was actually suggesting that she makes a little robot that claps whenever I into my studio. And then there would be a little sound loop of applause in people's shouting problems. Actually, we we all could use that kind of thing. Even when I've write music I like to push people into a zone, which is not maybe their comfort zone because it energy also happens quite often right there right at that border. You'll maybe slightly beyond it. It's not an artistic goal per se. But sometimes if I'm after Batticaloa kind of expansion, but the kind of excitement, but declerk kind of physicality, which is very important to me music. I consciously right something which is really difficult and demanding in the sheer physical sense of the word. I like the concept of virtuosity anyway for me, the virtual is great explorers. But cotton Amundsen who went to the south bolan didn't quite come back. But they they went there, and they did it. So that we don't have to. Matt curtis. Oh, boy, krill. The protein, but that's the idea that when we observe a virtuoso at work or virtual orchestra or so let's do something like that in the concert hall. We can kind of live that danger, and that adrenaline there is a moment in now, I'm going to start talking about niche it so this morning's Gulf spent but. So we can do this. We can do this thing and as a series. So there's a chapter in also sprouts at a two-stroke where a tight rope Walker falls and injures himself and is dying. Sorta toaster goes through through as will. You know, what that's fine..

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