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They were just following orders blindly for I deals that they believed were correct at the time that they were doing these things right. They were dumb eighteen year olds who signed up to a thing because they didn't seem like they had another option. So I'm not saying that they're good people in saying, I never thought that they were perfect people that sorry that they did bad things. I can only think about it as. My position today, I wouldn't. I wouldn't be the person that I am if they hadn't done everything they did. I would probably have six children and be poor and be super Catholic. And you know, no, no hate to anybody that is all those things. But. The spy, my anxiety, and despite my sometimes negative outlook on the world. I am really happy that. I get to choose. I get to find out what happens when you're old by yourself and you still get to travel the world or like this idea of who's gonna take care of you when you get older and we bit so sad that you are making decisions in your life based on who's going to take care of you when you're old, do you ever meditate in? Thank Pablo Escobar. No, no, no, no, they're not. They're not hero figures really. To me, they're, you know, they did what they thought they could do to move their families and themselves and their people ahead it's much more than I've seen any American politician do more than I've seen what I see a movie on or TV series on Pablo. It's always the guys, you know, that's that's the millionaire. Obviously the family's doing well too. But the wife is just yelling to get out of the business. Does your mom watches and be like, what's our fucking now actually tell your grandma was. She was glad that my dad was doing that kind of stuff so that she would get money..

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