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Challenge the play because it disqualifies Lowry now with 35.4 seconds remaining. Kemba Walker with an excellent play college, Lowry got caught. He actually, he and Grant Williams were hooked up. Grant Williams caught the ball. And Lowry's arm remained on top of Grant Williams when Grant Williams went up really an easy call for the officials. I understand why Nick challenged it. Toronto pulled within two at 1 21 left, and now Grant Williams at the line to our right. First free throw No gun at worst year the Raptors will be down three with 35 seconds to go. Boston has not scored in the last three minutes. Second free throw for Williams. Mr. Trying to get the rebound is found Norman power while he went down hard to gets up, hop back up bonus free throws down on the loose ball foul. Neither of those free throws even closer on the second one was so deep went itself to a deep rebounds. Jason Tatum He's going in to get it literally by the dotted line. Norman apologised reached up and grabbed the Celtics were 52.6% is a team from the free throw line. First free throw three point lead for Boston, 90 to 87 34.9 seconds away. First point in what must seem like an eternity if you're a Boston Celtics fan, second one short rebounded by an unbelievable two stories. This free throw from Boston turnover for the Raptors and the Vanvleet drives to the right wing. Gotta buy Brown. Restore the baseline tend to shoot comes back uphill Front court right 18 seconds to go. He wants to three is not going to drive it for three rises Angle. A three d well short may have been tipped by William's rebound, Boston 87 and a foul by an Obi and so now up by three bonus free throws for the Celtics. Walker will stride the line at the end of our right hand, has a chance to perhaps punch the ticket for the Eastern Conference finals. They had enough time when they first got it to go for a quick to play. But Fred Vanvleet was his mind was made up. He was going to take a three Kemba Walker with the chance again. I'm going to stop repeating myself. He's an 80% shooter. Boston Celtics 80% from the free throw line. Normally five of us Seven from the line in the 4th 1st 1 goes, though, for Walker that takes away that one possession situation. There is a timeout available for Knick nurse to available to the Celtics. 7.9 seconds left. Campbell Walker with 13 points make it 14, the leader's five for Boston. At a time on a call with 7.9 seconds remaining. That is Toronto's last five point game. Obviously Nick nurse will draw play. They need to have something quick. Doesn't matter whether it's a tour of 33 would be nice, but it has to be quick. They've got to put the ball in the basket. Stop the clock, and then they've got a pickup full court. Both teams are in the bonus that Wass Nick Nurses last time out. Brad Stephen Celtics have two time outs available. So both teams huddle up here. The Celtics trying to get to their third conference finals in the last four seasons, they would join Golden State in that club and get set to meet the Miami Heat. In a best of 7 1920 17. They hooked up with the Cavaliers 2018 a hook up with the Cavaliers, and they've got One leg up on hooking up with the Miami Heat in 2020, ESPN radio coverage of the NBA playoffs continues tomorrow night. Game five. Rockets Lakers coverage begins at 7 30 Eastern with Mark And PJ Callisto. Right here on your own home for the NBA playoffs. ESPN radio in the ESPN APP Brad Stevens is telling his guys do not fall under any circumstances. If the ball goes through, go to take it out of bounds. If somebody's wide open, inbounded, If not, we'll take a time out in advance the ball, Sir Jim back on the floor. At the oboes. Herewith Siaca man, and nobody will be the trigger man sidelined, right? Jalen Brown, the defender backs off family comes up top pass over the top by going left turn shoots for three wing left. That's an air ball. It's safe out of bounds into a Baka shoots off the glass. No good, and that's it. The Boston Celtics. Have one Game seven and the Siri's and we'll head to the Eastern Conference finals. Final stores. Celtics 92 Raptors 87. I don't know if it's normally a verb that issues with the team that won the Siri's Boston survived. They survived. Somehow, some way they found a way to cut through no question. Both.

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