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The Cowboys advanced to the NFC divisional round behind Zeke, Elliot and a twenty four twenty two triumph over the Seahawks. Tell us head coach Jason Garrett was impressed. By Elliot's performance was outstanding a really good run defense hard to run against those guys every inches contested. And he just kept battle. And there were some hard tough runs. Six seven eight guys are hitting them. He just kept coming. You talk about physical toughness. You're talking about mental toughness. He embodies that you're talking about a competitive spirit. You talk about a guy who wants it and the critical moments. Boy, he was something else. The cold speed Houston twenty one to seven in their wildcard contest, the seventy sixth annual Golden Globes get underway tonight. Live from Beverly Hills, California among the favorites in the movie nominees is Bradley Cooper's Oscar front runner. A star is born it's expected to win best picture drama best. Actress for lady Gaga and best song for goggles. Shallow, Andy Sandberg and Sandra oh will host Barbara Kusak. Bloomberg sports update NFL wild card weekend began with a pair of games in Texas. The Cowboys advanced will the twenty four twenty two victory over Seattle. Dak Prescott threw for a touchdown. He also ran for a score. Ezekiel Elliott added one hundred thirty seven yards on the go ahead. Touchdown early in the fourth in the loss. Russell Wilson threw for a touchdown and ran for one to game. One saw the colts take the wind out of the Texan sales building a Twenty-one nothing halftime lead and easing to a twenty one seven victory in Houston. Andrew luck with a pair of TD passes. He threw for two hundred twenty two yards Marlin MAC rush. One hundred forty eight yards in a score colts coach Frank Reich crediting his big boys up front came into this game. Saying we want to we need to dominate upfront. We need to play we need to run the football. And we need to stop the run to roll off two hundred yards on that defense is unbelievable. It's just a real credit to the offensive line or running backs and tight ends. I can't say enough about that. The colts will visit the chiefs next Saturday. Couple more games today. I up the chargers. Visit the ravens than the eagles play in Chicago. Philly coach Doug Peterson knows it in the postseason. You simply to wipe the slate clean the different season. Now, you're in the postseason so obviously expectations increased since urgency increases speed of the game gets faster as they continue their search for Todd Bowles replacement. The jets interviewed former Packers coach Mike McCarthy Saturday, he won one hundred twenty five seventy seven and two and thirteen seasons with Green Bay before being fired last month left exact burden will be re signed by the Yankees reportedly for three years with a fourth year team option that can be exercised after year to trade for the who get outfielder kion Brockton from the brewers for two minor leaguers and pitcher Bobby wallow has had a little bit of time in the bigs rallying from two nothing. Galliano's beat the blues on the road. Four three that's six straight wins. College hoops ST John's beat Georgetown overtime Rutgers law. Lost to Maryland. With a Bloomberg sports update. I'm Frank Garrity. This is the business of sports should major league baseball short sees. How do we present football to the audience of the future? I don't think that most players understand the tower that they have like the future of IndyCar racing is looking bright Scott saw Schneck, very basic math here. Bidders means more money. Evan Williams team value has essentially quadruples and the leaders in the sports industry time to bring in our guest Hal, Steinbrenner National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman Atlanta Braves president Derek Schiller, patriots president Jonathan Kraft Bloomberg business of sports from Bloomberg radio. Michael. I'm Evan Novi. William Scott sauce over the next hour. We will explore the big money issues in the world of sports and talked to some of the biggest players in the industry today. We speak with Frank Bruno partner at sixteen w marketing on the business of professional football. There are many reasons why I think it could be much much bigger. The fact that of live sports still hold such a place in all of our hearts is a big deal. Stay tuned for more of our interview with sixteen w marketing partner Frank Bruno. But first,.

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