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Brian and <hes> you know it really hits emily heart and what i didn't unrealized at the time was that emily buried herself into the graduation walk into my dreams because she was so oh she was hurting so much inside <hes> like i was talking about her passion to helping kids which she was doing what she would carry the pain the suffering and that every kid was that she mentor was having and she put it on her shoulders that it was her responsibility to help them and that it was up to her to make a difference off and when she started to realize the more she experienced in the more she was trying to help in these kids who are in these worst spots imaginable that she could do she. She couldn't fix them. It really wait on her heart and darkened her art. Were in her mind. Where cheerleader depression after everything everything that happened and what i thought would be a time to plan. Her wedding became just like a battle between the two of us <hes>. We just went round and round women. I didn't realize at the time but she was going through the depression and i just i was eve. I was you know it's just a bad attitude like it's <hes> my went through spinal cord injury. I thought you know i've been through it through it. All like you just gotta look on the bright side and and you know it's mental health is something you treat. It's you see a doctor for you. See someone ford's you break a bone. You see a doctor. I mean mental health both should be treated the same way and just because you can't see it as a make it not real i mean i i wonder also it. May maybe you s spoke about this when it was going on whether you know for you. You've got to recalibrate after you know like okay. So what is this thing. I'm waking up in the morning for like what is my next next thing but for her. It's almost like it seems like being your caretaker your coach <hes> your partner was also a bit of a coping mechanism. It's like a gave for something else to focus on <hes> and then when that like that big thing goes away and she all of a sudden just all the pain that she had taken on and yet. There's not as much to distract our from that. So how do you guys navigate through that moment. Yeah you know fighting <hes> i and then eventually there's an opportunity to move the florida my p._t. Those working really closely with he got relocated to afford a facility. Did you know i. I told her that he was moving and she's like well. Let's move with them was go down to florida. Why why stay michigan cole michigan will. I want to put any anymore on her plate. She was overwhelmed and stressed in <hes> where it was just a lot of back and forth between the two of us and then we moved to florida and gave her another distraction where i thought things were we're going back to where there were like back to normal and it was a great distraction again but it came back to the pressuring zayed's thet set in even worse but thankfully she got enough courage to go to church and it was the the church service in the worship. Just it just gave her the confidence that okay. I do need help i. I can't do this alone because she's such an independent person. She hates being vulnerable. She like soon everything herself and she's such a strong willed person and <hes>. She hated the idea of anyone knowing that she was suffering. I was the only person that knew that she was going through anxiety depression. She made it like her mission that no one else would find out and not even her family even her family. She's really close to her family. She loves her family. They love her dearly. They would do anything the helper but the idea of them knowing that she needed help and she was struggling terrified her just like she just wanted to always be the strong. I haven't figured out kind of person and she knew she wasn't until the idea of being revealed. I guess in a way just haunted her and she'd miss mamie..

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