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The record sales yellowstone national park superintendent says he's taking disciplinary action against as many as ten people after an investigation found women in the parks maintenance division are subject to sexual harassment yellowstone superintendents told the associated press potential penalties will range from reprimand to suspension or termination the move comes as the national park service's image has been tarnished by widespread reports of sexual harassment bullying and other misconduct at parks including yellowstone yosemite and grand canyon the elston investigation was launched when a parking floyd complained to the montana pioneer magazine and two members of congress that a pervasive men's club environment encourage the exploitation and abuse of female workers uh surfer who was attacked by a shark says she punched it and duggar fingers into its eyes as she was dragged below the waves off southern california lien eriksson told abc news as good morning america that she thought that are curious seal was bumping the underside of her surfboard at a beach near san diego last april suddenly she was knocked off the board and a 10foot great white bitter leg after nine weeks in intensive care at eight operations eriksson is recovering from the bike to her right thigh and backside that went down to the bone her family assad for crowdfunding site to help with her medical bills despite having insurance she said the cost to put her in a deep financial hole thank you for listening to the ap radio network hey did you know that the associated press princes newsrelated blocks the latest installment as ipad first that brings to moments than presidential had this distant to life in the basque political accent highlights include suckers god that was a focal point nixon's 1950 checkers beat on the clintons baletic cat socks first head is that for animal lovers in his rebuffed of all ages first pettitte available hindumuslim paradox ap radio news jackie quinn the white house's condemning north korea or firing another intercontinental ballistic missile which shows the capability of reaching the united states david right at the union of concerned scientists says that should be a wakeup call a longtime people sort of felt like north korea's you know during awful things but it hasn't really been ah you know people haven't seen as a threat to us cities and so of i think is gonna make you know the change the.

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