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One more week for you to get healthy. No, you're absolutely right. But in looking at this patriots team the last month of the season, we've said they've struggled a little bit. And they haven't looked like themselves even the game against buffalo. That passing attack. It looked bad. They need to get back on track. They need to try to find an an identity for this team. But I think the couple of things that they have worked inform is offensively. They can run the football erect up two hundred and seventy yards rushing against a pretty good Buffalo Bills defense. Yes. And then of course, their defense has been opportunistic with the takeaways. I think they're six total takeaways with twenty five on the season. So those two things do translate to success in the postseason. And I think by being able to have that running game you're giving Tom Brady and opportunity to figure out that passing attack. Of course, if you're at Gillette at home in the postseason, I have confidence that Tom Brady threw for this team scheduling like L patriots jets. That's a patriots win. And it's almost a given. But you just mentioned that they struggled against buffalo. This team has not played well against some even at home more way. And I get that. But is there a chance that the jets could upset, you know, this jets team matter than anyone is our? The patch? Play the way they did against buffalo. The jets can beat them by believe I'm not saying they will be but they can the jets Sam darnold the last three weeks. Finally in shouldn't say finally like overdue, but we are seeing Sam darnold play his best football last three weeks of the year. Not surprisingly like the packed have to play better this week than they did last week in my eyes the last ten quarters. That's Donald is play the second half at Buffalo Bills game and then against the Texans and the Green Bay Packers. I mean that game last week against the Packers. They were in control for the first recorders of that game. They had a fifteen point lead going into the fourth quarter. But then, of course, Ann Rogers did his thing. But you look at that game. You look at the Texans game. He gave his team the go-ahead score with about five minutes left in that game..

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