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He was going to be the guy what the hell are we waiting for let's get him out there i can only imagine what he would have done had he had more be weaker practice with the first teamers he was pedestrian but he did to note of a ball and what they need him to make a play he ran forty ers will touch now joined that kind of ability and he'll learn to slide and get down the life he sake will be is on the annapolis goals did the same thing they said we cannot go out there and put scott told zine out there that guy threw more touchdown passes to rams defenders about as many as jargatu through the rams receivers we can't have that guy out there with george bush suggest got here so what he has to be better than scott told me they're trying to correct a mistake in terms not four to find the back of quarterback position they had to have no the andrew luck was not going to be ready for week one or even week four so that when they're like you know what hey while back let's let's do that let's bring to kobe said he can't be any worse than a guy who's been a training camp and look like hide garbage opening week against los angeles rams and a defense smart buy them they did the exact same thing that the houston texans did they did not allow a mistake to stay on the football field they said look how savage sit out to get aged the shuttle monaco unhappy years scott told the now we can do that again now if you sunday as an nfl question on twitter he says how excited argue for jail as smith the further progress matthew i'm still stunned he looked like down in a football field i said sunday nafta dallas cowboys i mean he was topfive town before you had that gruesome near gery in the ball game plan for noted aim against ezekiel elliott and ohio state but big big if they got that from him and he said he's about seventy five eva eighty percent.

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