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Every business faces challenges whether you need more space a better location or little more curb appeal a realtor a member of the national association of realtors can help you find the right place to grow so get what your business needs get realtor what's news from the wall street journal top stories and timely insights i'm charlie turner in new york ups's warning of some delivery delays for holiday shopping more on that in a moment it's time to deliver some top stories sources say president donald trump told arab leaders and phone calls tuesday that he intends to move the us embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem it's a move that could scuttle the president's plans to launch an israeli palestinian peace plan and risks sparking violence across the middle east mr trump is expected to delay the embassy move from tel aviv but will make a speech on wednesday laying out details of the planned relocation and could also recognize jerusalem as israel's capital state department officials have warned embassies around the world a brace for potential protests palestinian authority president mock mood a boss and jordan's king abdullah ii received phone calls from mr trump on tuesday outlining his intention to move the embassy the wall street journal quotes of sourcing deutsche bank received a subpoena earlier in the fall from us special counsel robert muller's office related to the lenders business with president donald trump the subpoena requested documents and data about accounts and other dealings tied to client relationships with mr trump and people close to the bank has reportedly lent more than three hundred million dollars to entities affiliated with mr trump mr muller's investigating russian meddling in the 2016 election including flows of cash tied to russia and people and mr trump's orbit in a deepening probe that has led to charges against former advisers to president trump the international olympic committee said tuesday its banning russia from the two thousand eighteen winter olympics in peon chang south korea after uncovering a long history of doping the ioc said no russian officials we'll be accredited for the event including the minister for sport and his deputy an individual athletes will be allowed only by invitation and under strict conditions wearing a neutral uniform under the olympic flag representative john conyers the longestserving member of the house of representatives said tuesday he would leave congress immediately calling it a retirement it comes after the michigan democrat faced.

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