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Do you remember winning? Oh, good for him. AOC was selling hoodies for like 100 bucks a pop that said Smash capitalism, wasn't she Drew? Yeah, that's funny. And she was trying to raise money for her grandma something her boy Whalen boiler She didn't get she didn't getting out of there now. Paul Orndorff was 71. They don't give a cause of death. But it seems to be some form of dementia. Probably that he got from, you know, too many bouncing the heads off of the the apron. Concussions will do that to you. He was one of the great villains of the eighties wrestling world when, when wrestling was in its heyday with Hawk Hogan and, uh, Andre the giant. He was in the first WrestleMania. Mr. Wonderful was Oh, that's a legendary thing to be in bed. He was he tagged up with rowdy Roddy took take on Hulk Hogan and Mr T. Some of my favorites, too, is, uh, you know, but his day has come and gone. It's hard to believe America was once that cool, Rowdy Roddy Piper. Hulk Hogan. Mr. T Mr Wonderful, all entertaining you on a Saturday night. Could you imagine that one? You had no idea until you know you don't want to What you've got til it's gone, and then you look back at it and go man. Those were the good old days. Weren't they really Were those were the good old days. Not only was Mr one or Paul Orn Dorf and World Wrestling Hall of Fame. He's also in the University of Tampa. Hall of Fame because that's where he played football. He was a star running back and was drafted by the ST I'm sorry. Do you mean the New Orleans saying? That's them back in 1973? When he came out of college? He was picked by the Saints to come and play for, Um, and then he didn't Because he couldn't pass the physical. I don't know what kind of physicals they were given back in the seventies, but this guy became a, uh, Star rest. He couldn't pass the physical for the Saints. And they passed on him. And then the Kansas City Chiefs took a run at him that he couldn't make that team either. May I offer he turned to wrestling? May I offer a theory? If you're physically fit person who played college football, right? But then the NFL says you don't pass the physical, so you end up in pro wrestling. Is it possible? What they really mean is he didn't pass a drug test could be because, you know, Yeah, dude was ripped right? Clearly not not like a puny man by any means, because I am pro wrestling. I don't think they test for steroid use. Probably not in the seventies. It might even be encouraged. You go back through go back to the green room, and they've got a bunch of syringes laid out next to a plate of cold cuts. So if you're hungry, you could just have whatever you want over there. We got a cheese plate and then next to that's the juice is loose. Just pop some of that. They're here. Bend over. I'll give you a shot. You give me a shot. No problem. Oh, yeah, folks, I I believe that love is the answer, but you ought to own a handgun just in case Walton and.

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