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I see. Nobody else sees it. Value doesn't see it. Nobody works. Sees it on Lee. I see it. Conway raw at gmail dot com. And what we did for a while. Is people email that nice said Okay, I'll read it on the air without reading it first. And then I got no wee bit a trouble for doing that. And I stopped doing it right because when you get in your fifties You're not really into trouble anymore. All right? I mean, the last age where you should be in trouble in life. What do you think it is? Let's do not do a quick whip around. But Mondo, What do you think? The ages we should start straightening your life up and not really get in trouble anymore. Like you know, you know d wise with friends and puke ng behind the bar and stuff like that. Um I'd say like 22 22. Okay. Alright, Angel. What do you think? Let's go by the way, because there's been a study on this on when people should, you know, stop all the craziness in their life. That's why I'm asking. What do you think is 33? Yeah. 33. Okay. 33 belly. What do you think? I think it's 27. All right. And what about Debra Mark? I'd say 25. Okay, The number is 28. I'm Luo got very, very close. 28. They said you should leave trouble behind. You know there was a study done by and it was issued and paid for by the car rental companies because they want to pay a doctor. They want to pay scientists. And they wanted to pay them for a study and was extensive long study and they only they only asked one question study. When does the human brain fully developed? And that study came back, and almost all of them agreed that the brain fully developed a at age 25. 25. You're considered a responsible adult. That's why in most parts of this country, most parts the world you cannot rent a car until you're 25. Is they don't want a guy who's 18, Who's driving down the one? No one, you know, doing 100 miles an hour and pulls the emergency brake or it slams it into reverse because they're tired of that. Right. There's way too many people, you know, taking out full insurance, destroying the car and bring you back. They don't like that anymore. S so anyway, age. What was my age? Yeah, the magic age where you got it all together. You know what Honest to God. Don't think I'm there yet. I really, really don't. I really don't like I find myself doing dumb things still and and stuff that I probably shouldn't right. And and But then I always write it off by saying Well, of course I have to do that. Because I'm doing a radio show. You know, I can't get into a right. Yeah, it's content. You're right. I can't get into a boring, You know, lifestyle where I just, you know, sit around and do nothing. I got to go out to the racetrack. I gotta get the you know, Miran, go. I gotta you know, but I have a couple of drinks. I gotta you know, I gotta move around. Gonna mix it up for the audience. That's exactly right. I tell Jen all the time I said, look is who is this job's over? I'm not going to track anymore. I hate the track can't stand gambling. I mean, I only drink is of show you know, Otherwise I'd never drink. And she's like, Well, she's like, Well, it's not that easy to quit. I'm like, please. I A friend of mine. Um, I'm from my dad's Ernie Andrus. We talk about it on the air all the time. You know, he was the voiceover for love boat. And you know, ABC, then MacGyver Thursday MacGyver followed by auto man. Yeah, That's Ernie Anderson Auto Man. Um, but his wife said, you got to stop smoking. And Ernie said Oh, That's easy. Any through the cigarettes out. Next day, little nervous night. By day two. Angry is s yelling throwing crap! I you know, yelling at the kids yelling at his wife yelling it guess yelling at the neighbors..

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