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Again we'll you're looking for your next favorite I like this one from the current onion, undaunted Texas waffle house waitress has been expecting to die there every day for the past twenty years anyway. Yeah. That's probably fairly true. Ouch. That's a little dark hilarious. But dark archaeological dig uncovers ancient race of skeleton people. Oh. So dumb. But so amusing onion is it's such a wonderful thing I. I. Love It. So what's the Babylon be then that like a competing onion or from a conservative Christian point of view? Okay. It a frequently ribs Progressive of you know people in tweeting lights. I tweeted at one of their headlines and it had a picture to go with inspiring celebrities. Spell out. We're all in this together with their yachts. Petrol. Off Malibu many described, the scene is breathtaking are on inspiring. Others were so touched. They couldn't find the words to communicate how they felt most simply wept as celebrity spelled out. We're all in this together with their gods. That's nice. That's nice. Zoom crasher becomes too engrossed in sales meeting to scream obscenities. Meetings are just frigging riveting. So he was gonNA zoom bomb. It just got so sucked into the information. What can we do about the third quarter? That's funny. That's good stuff. Armstrong and getty listening to the best of the Armstrong and getty show. Armstrong and getty. Armstrong and getty. So we're recording this podcast on the twentieth of February. yesterday. View in the future was the the anniversary of the beginning of the battle of Iwojima which everybody's heard of because the flag realizing picture right and famous movie which comes out of the picture I suppose bright. Well, and the two are the to Clint Eastwood Movies About Evil Jemma are I need to watch those again. So good, really, oh, sweet God he two movies, one from the American perspective, the other from the Japanese perspective when cool idea, oh. Yeah. Yeah. Only Clint could get it done. They're both absolutely brilliant and the one from the Japanese perspective according to. I guess most people is is the superior one. It is really interesting. But so the battle lasted thirty days. Five weeks. Five weeks. Yeah. Well, yeah. some of the fiercest bloodiest fighting in the Pacific interesting, you'd bring it up today. Those of you in the future, it's February twenty twenty. You could be listening to this in two, thousand, thirty hovering in your craft. It's two, twenty, twenty, twenty. but the day that we're doing. This is the day. California's passing one of those meaningless resolutions apologizing for the Internment Camps Oh. That's right. Yeah, and again I mean. It says, well, I think it some sort of show of. Political correctness or trying to win the Japanese vote or something like that. I mean. There've been so many apologies and by tying the two together that the reason for the interment camps was because we were at an actual fight to the deaf. Yes. With another country that. Had the upper hand on us at least at the beginning and the country was terrified. Right Martin possibility of losing the war and being taken over by. Japan. Yes. This is this is the stuff that just drives me crazy. With the way you know the mainstream media and some schools deal with history both things are often true. There was a tremendous threat to the homeland. And it would come over the west coast from Japan. If Japan had chosen to do that, probably would have been suicidal militarily speaking, but there was a huge concern about spies infiltrators, and the rest of it having said that the internment thing was horribly done and wildly unfair and racist and an awful, but it's like the the red scare thing which is always portrayed as just. Just, Paranoia and nationalism and stupidity. When in fact, there were communists all over the place in our State Department and our media and our government. DC in general who were trying to undermine the government. Just it. It went way too far. But anyway, getting back to the battle Jima, he at. Sean, could you do look up the title of those two? Clint Eastwood Movies? I'm letters from our fathers or one of them. I can't remember fistful of dollars. No, no, no. Any which way. But any which way, but lose where you can. The sequel. Any which way you can interesting bit of Trivia go belly. Iwojima. There were no in good at all Bronco Billy try go Bill Clinton, Michael That was a poll excellent obscure, not probably proud of it. Clint. Eastwood movie is it letters from Iwo Jima yes. That was one of them and the other one was something. But if you know what if you know how Google works, you can find it Clint Eastwood. Movies Iwojima. Couple of interesting facts about this Harare letters letters from you would Jima and flags of our fathers, that's it, I. Combine the two titles into one letters of our fathers. Dare son haven't found a job yet. Let's see haircut. By the way, it's historians say the result of that of the battle was practically inevitable. Because, we had America had overwhelming superiority numbers in arms air supremacy. The Japanese could not retreat or reinforce We had it surrounded, but to actually take the island and use it was incredibly bloody. Now, read it yesterday described as the Worst combat in US history. In, terms of can't contradict the violence of IT, Japanese combat combat deaths outnumbered. The American desk, three times higher although American total casualties, dead wounded, actually seated those of the Japanese. But listen to this of the twenty, one, thousand Japanese soldiers on Iwo Jima at the beginning of the battle to one thousand, only two hundred and sixteen were taken prisoner. The majority, the remainder or killed in action. was estimated that as many as three thousand continued to resist within the various cave systems for many days. Afterward, eventually, succumbing to their injuries are surrendering weeks later, interestingly enough even during the battle during the blight bloody fighting, severe casualties. There was a real controversy over whether it was worth it. Whether, we could actually use it as a base anyway but boy, I, haven't heard much about that, and that's the sort of thing. That Probably get his disgust as much as it should because you know how military stuff works. Yes. Because nobody would want to be on the hook for you know we probably didn't even really need to do that. Right? There's a guy named. William. Pratt who wrote a book entitled what Makes Iwo, Jima? Worth the price and he said it was really useless as a as a basin and couple of other things, but you know. But Oh, my God Afghanistan,.

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