Citigroup, CEO, Advertising Agency discussed on Bloomberg Surveillance


Percent the restaurant chain second quarter results topped estimates us sales at stores open more than a year samestore sales rose more than analysts expected thanks to drink deals and new items and then you have the declines among the dow stock three m law lower by two percent second quarter profit and sales were just below the average estimate now three 'em raise the low end of their earnings forecasts rates for the year the midpoint though trailed the average projection united technologies is down one percent their second quarter results were just fine problem is the jet engine makers talking about second half earnings being lower than the first half when they discussed the results on a conference calls that didn't go over so well beyond the dow you've got citigroup up two and a half percent the banks holding its first investor meeting since two thousand eight financial crisis ceo michael corvette 70s may reach twenty billion dollars by 2020 up from last year's four eighteen point six billion dollars biogen's higher by four percent their second quarter results beat projections have benefit from surging demand for spin rods it's the first drug to treat a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy general motors down half a percent secondquarter revenue estimates as the automaker shunned discount sales to rental car companies gm focused on more profitable deliveries to us consumers and a few stocks with bigger losses after earnings you've got the hospital owner ahca health care down four and a half percent the advertising agency owner inter public group down seven percent and the.

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