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I'm Ryan Gorman with me this evening Felix Vega and James Berlin there on the board we're talking about the situation at local stories and how they're protecting customers and employees if they're doing a good enough job phone lines are open eight hundred nine six nine ninety three fifty two again the numbers eight hundred nine six nine ninety three fifty two let's go to Jim and clear water now Jim how are you there are you done good thanks for the call there are just gave the Walmart in Clearwater and they're doing a heck of a good job they got people lined up you know this basic stayed away from each other six straight face and they've got a guard at the door making sure the child is blood doesn't exceed the number they want to get in there and I guess have to be bored mask Absalom someone though but but I was sort of mask and gloves just to be on the safe side did they have supplies today have cleaning products toilet paper things like that no they're totally out of place toilet paper any kind of they did have Kleenex I've got some Kleenex with those about it all right and how how many people were there I know they limited the amount of people who can get into the into the store but how many people were there was it was it a big line outside no no no no line at all there was a it was only about I would say maybe forty to fifty people in the store this is the clear water Walmart well.

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