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The rose bowl, but it's a bloody great idea. English listeners are like, you don't understand football, mate. Don't do that. I was joking. I was joking, but how are you feeling in this moment of change? I mean, I think on the one hand, I'm feeling optimistic and relieved that darkness of the last few months is behind us. There was a moment when all of us feared, you know what? This could all really go to crap very, very quickly. A lot of people were sort of rubbing their hands waiting for Chelsea to fall apart. They clearly haven't Abramovich if nothing else has put this team in a place that they're still a very, very attractive global brand. And I think also one has to say, despite many people, being very suspicious of the charitable donations and the kind of deal that he would end up accepting for the club. I think it has ended up being a good deal for the club. I think the charitable donation is going to be made. I think that he's insisted that the new owners invest in the club and continue to support the work of the foundation, the women's club, all the things that Chelsea have done very well. And based on Burley's track record, certainly with the Dodgers, even though I do have some suspicion of people who come from private equity or hedge funds into owning football teams because they tend to not be operators, they tend to be investors. I think the deal has a long enough horizon. I think there's a clause in it, which you can't sell the team for ten years. I think they're in it for the long haul. And I think based on how around the Dodgers, I think that he's going to be a good influence on the club. And I think Chelsea have escaped. Maybe fortunate to escape what has happened, frankly, and that's sort of where I can both be happy about the ownership and also think, do we really deserve to be this happy or this lucky? And I think there's a lot of work to still do. I think Chelsea are a long way off. Man city and Liverpool at the top. I think they have a lot of questions about their current squad and personnel and what they're going to do. But generally positive and I'm happy that it is American ownership that's come in, frankly. You tell you about the investment that he's been compelled to lock down for the next ten years in which he can't sell the club crucially. It's on the men's side and the women's side to that incredible Chelsea women's club under Emma Hayes is going to continue to soar, but for me, the headline in this amazing moment is that now more than half the Premier League's 20 teams next season with Chad Khan's full of arriving and Bournemouth being partnered by Chicago and Matt hull sizer means that over half for the teams have an American ownership say it's incredible. Four of the big 6 arsenal Chelsea Liverpool and magnet. There are incredible days happening for the game here on and off the field. I always say if you can't be the best at football on the men's side, buy the best of football on the men's side and it's not just a Premier League thing. You look at A.C. Milan and the schedule, they claimed under American ownership, when American owners know what they don't know, that is when they're at the best, and we are seeing the best of America ownership. We're seeing the worst of American ownership. And it's going to be fascinating as I said on the green room last week to watch the bowly era at Chelsea. You can really see the tea leaves and what he did with the Dodgers, where massive investment occurred, as well as search for profit lines immediately, and watching both those parts of the strategy is going to be really interesting. Watching him with his charm offensive too, and is kind of sloppy, cool, taking selfies with fans, that image of laid back kind of Jimmy Buffett S vibes is a fascinating contrast to elect to do as opposed to the kind of stark really cold, unemotional Roman that we always saw week in week out occasionally with sweaty pits. In the owner's box, but the rumors already coming out, he wants to keep politic for the American marketing potential, which is going to be a double edged sword, but brace yourself. It is fascinating to watch Chelsea as America's team. Yeah, well, it certainly won't be on this podcast. We'll see. We'll see. If you're listening, I know you listen to this podcast. Two words for you, Brad guzan. Brad goose and get it done. Good business. On another note, a player Chelsea had been linked to 18 year old Polish American Gaga slonina, the Addison Illinois born goalkeeper, who committed to the U.S. team instead of Poland last week has been linked now by favreau to realm Madrid. David, it's incredible. This gent. He's only played 25 league games, but is now linked to Chelsea by Ann Real Madrid. I gotta say, we do need one team if you're listening. Any American owners and why? We need wanting to buy Matt Turner Zack steffen and Gaga to be sure that at least one of them started. Yeah, now that's what I hope that he finds as a team where he can maybe not start immediately at that age, but start soon and actually play. Welcome to everything together. What do you want to play there either right now, rod tuan assumes. Before I ask for a toast, we should remind all GOP's that while the Premier League is taking its summer sad nap, the hamster wheel at MIB headquarters just keeps churning a special Spotify do it live. This Wednesday at 9 30 p.m. Eastern Time after the USA Morocco game and don't forget Jeff, please call in your questions for Tyler Adams at 646-450-9472 that's 646-450-9472 it's a lot of number and we may use them.

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