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Welcome to the on report. I'm your host tyler. The superman blue the man of tomorrow and with me as the superman of read the mana steel himself. Mr james cole. Welcome james tyler housing on going pretty good man going pretty good job hop on a lot to cover you know and i kind of jump in with some news and we'll kind go there. Let's see here. My news keeping is not loading up. So have you been keeping up with your cw series superman and lois unfortunately well so we got going on the cw. I guess they're going to do with. They had talked about before. And recasting take kane but now played by chris. Don's wallace day. Play this event. Yeah which is what people move out. That first place was one of the biggest. Like hey cast hers. That happened win. ruby rose. I left so they're going to do this. And yet that was kinda cool. 'cause like before it ever seen it around. That's who i. That's who i cast. I told you guys that that she should be Cake kane if they were gonna recast her because you know little bit reminiscent of ruby. Rose but she looks more like she could be twin with the lady who plays alice as opposed to At yeah and i thought that was a great casting choice. I enjoyed what she brought when she did On so if somebody it would work and now it's like so they're gonna got my blue ray series. I cut the complete series on blu ray today delivered just because of the time of i didn't have access to it. I own that. That's one of the few series that i was unable to watch live but i bought i tunes So i had it to watch you know the day android aired. I the first season. Can you found the first season on dvd for me at a half price bookstore. Four bucks so she bought a yeah. That's awesome. I love my physical media. I even by seasons you. A whole a whole wishlist on amazon is just easier to keep it. That way of dc tv series is to buy and usually i. I by allowing black friday weekend before they put them like on sale for like ten bucks. Yeah well i ordered. I ordered that. The blu ray of the entire series of tom both seasons which i was really excited and then when i ordered that right on the bottom swear to god who was like nine nine eleven dollars one of the two. I can't remember exact. That's all it was and i got the. I got swamped thing on. Blu-ray nice yeah and. I have swamped been day. Rafer this and brian's borrowing it because he didn't finish watching it when it was on and then he's all like will. I don't wanna watch the cw. Because they edited out of my mouth should watch the whole time. You had it on. You know on these hours all year. You had it on. Bbc magor you watch me like absolutely other is the life. He's probably like so. I'm abou- for for bat woman. I think we're we're maybe three episodes behind on woman now. I think the last one we watched was episode or five. I think four janine. I caught up the other night because we were up doing stuff when we had playing in the background. Kind of catch up to you and it's a it's like one of those shows like you're still close to being good but yet you do these things or make these choices. You're just what are you choosing to do here. It's still weird. Excuse me it's late children. They're young things. Throw them bit more self sufficient. So yes so. I am not permanently exhausted i have made a past that point but now i'm too old to do your tool to enjoy it exactly but i'm just i'm baffled. They're going to do this. Weird story with like a different katie. Or she's going to be alive and yet ryan still going to be bat. Woman could just like. That's really really confusing. You know like just kill off case. It's that simple but we'll see we'll see how it goes. It's it's weird Let's see also that woman this sunday nights supposed to be the midseason and they're going to introduce black mask. We got our look at black mass. The actors peter out bridge will be black mask about women season two. It looks pretty cool. Class mass my life so exciting. The mass look pretty cool. I haven't seen like a real close up of the mask. But i mean i could tell. It's a black skull mass so it doesn't. It doesn't look horrible. let's see what other. Oh here's some fun. Information ron so jumping over. We're going to you know what that reminds me. I remember talking about. I mean you know what is how you run. The podcasts can to today on. You didn't send me the outline. I dodd tyler. Staying on the cw. We got our trailer for season. Six supergirl looks pretty. Sweet lex luther has like kryptonite two hours or something like these burns. The alphaville symbol and shooting out green. It was a nice little sizzle trail trailer for supergirl return. It sat the last season They my biggest.

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