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Right, as we continue, Dan, Hoffman, FOX those contributed. Thirty years. CIA ops officer, and former CIA officer. Dan, Gabriel director and executive producer, by the way. We'll put a link up on Hannity dot com to Mosul. Dan, specializing in counterterrorism violent extremism, and directing counterinsurgency operations. So if you're the mullah's you make a calculated decision, you're gonna knock out, two tankers in the Gulf of, oh, mom. You're going to start to tighten up the grip of the free flow of oil, and the straits Hormuz and then to take an American drone out with a missile over international waters. Now a lot of it, I believe is due to the sanctions that the president has affected -ly put on Iran. There clearly promoting something that they shouldn't where's this go down Hoffman? Well, listen the. Sanctions have crippled, Iran's economy, their currencies worth nothing and Iran are trying to induce the Europeans with nuclear blackmail and by escalating. These Connecticut tax in the Persian Gulf come back to the negotiating table. But on their terms. They wanted the flawed nuclear deal that was signed in twenty fifteen by the administration to be agreed upon again. And we're just not going to do that. The sunset clauses. The fact that it doesn't feel with Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism, and Iran's ballistic missile program, make that impossible, and I would also encourage listeners to go back and take a look at what secretary palm peyot said in may of twenty eighteen about the twelve requirements for Iran to get back into the negotiation process. It wasn't just about things. I mentioned also about getting Syria. It's about allowing EA inspectors into Iran, as all host of things that I think, were were very well thought out that at that point by secretary palm pale, and we're holding the line. And there's gonna be some. Friction here as we do so. But we need to continue to do it, and there's really no other option. All right. Then gabriel. Euro thoughts. The Moser brinkmanship. And I think one of the things that the president said over and over the was very interesting, actually very smart. Well, what he said was Iran has made a mistake, and what that is, is that sim allowing them to kind of reset and come back to the table. It's, it's actually quite smart. Bargaining power. It's the same thing. We saw Kennedy in the in the Cuban missile crisis. So that, that really sets the three sets the table, if you will for them to now, think about what it is that they want because clearly they, they came very close to have notes and their straight. So over the evening. Yeah. He's, he's being very, very smart. I love how unpredictable e is. And I think the red line in the sand for all of us is that can never have nuclear weapons, because then you're talking about a potential holocaust in our lifetime. But thank you, both you both American heroes. Dan Hoffman thank you. Dan Gabriel good luck with your new production Mosul. When we come back governor, Mike Huckabee stops by we'll talk about this and so much more as we can. Busy. Breaking news Friday, it's the Sean Hannity show..

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