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The this is story about at least jonah cover onto the overseeing you know that some of the mind is my sabres story about any of perceive because it is the of the spring of any over sampson um and it is that some the when he was late for performance of the came into his dressing room to find one bal or you know holding up his immense talent and a second round arena sucking him off something something's probably sure so something of the same so maybe is is it would would have to happen if you want to attempt such a thing which of course you would not this is the hall has the justice movement my conclusions straightforward bowl beautiful people conservative just most of them and not all ugly people are liberal we are individuals looks off here's the perception of how we since the will be stands to cool part of our politics will make it will be will conservatism is the i didn't we can make ourselves better and we can do it with now others or released we can do it well shooting who are case by case basis we decide to entrenched transactions with twins richard relationships with we do that not else hosting up us a responsibility to the state who is empowered under liberal listen to decide all things see what i don't like what you can use also close you could work and even her credible also also decision making do you want to be engaged in here so because how you come to learn more about yourself and how you come to learn more about the world's levels of take those decisions way for me because i think they know better than you do have to run a lot and you know i don't know better than you do how to run your love but this is based into the hawks of this stuff and when you put as american popular culture has the people qualified to let anyone else it all the positions account when you put and hating lesbian xm an assist in charge of gender policies you know influencing things like come.

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